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2K and Turtle Rock Studios have today announced a free weekend of Evolve on Xbox One and PC along with a free adaptation of Goliath!

The 4v1 shooter will be free to play this coming weekend. With four playable Monsters, 18 Hunters to get to grips with, five game modes and no less than 19 maps to check out, the free Evolve weekend will no doubt appeal to all newcomers who have yet to get rolling with 2K’s massive shooter.


Additionally, Meteor Goliath, a free adaptation of the iconic Goliath Monster, will also be available permanently for all Evolve players on September 3, 2015. Featuring an alternate character variation for the first time, Meteor Goliath combines new looks, effects, audio and gameplay into a stunning, blue-fire wrapped package. Meteor Goliath spreads his attacks using increased range and residual fire damage, while showcasing the following rebalanced abilities:

  • Rock Throw now travels faster and lights enemies on fire;
  • Leap Smash has increased range and lights enemies on fire;
  • Fire Breath has increased range and emits blue flames;
  • Charge has a longer duration and lights enemies on fire.

Even if you already own Evolve and thought you had exhausted all avenues, the addition of a new Monster may well tempt you back in.

The Xbox One free weekend will run from 12:01 AM PT on Sept 4th until 11:59 PM PT on Sept 6th.

Don’t miss it!


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