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Each and every week Rock Band 4 band members get access to new tunes, giving reason to getting the band back together in order to blast out some tunes. This week is no different, as a trio of tunes deliver all manner of musical melodies.

Headlined by Arch Enemy, the latest set of Rock Band 4 songs are set to appease a range of musical types, with the Swedish death metal band joined by one Paul Henry Smith, and Judah & The Lion – the latest band to be promoted via the Rock Band 4 Spotlight scheme.

Priced up at £1.59 each, with the Judah & The Lion track coming in slightly cheaper at £1.19, you’ll now find the following songs available in Rock Band 4…

As always you’ll need the base game of Rock Band 4 on Xbox One or PS4 to hand, but should you have that ready to roll will just need to mosey on over to the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store and get the games added to your Rock Band experience. If you have previously purchase the Season 11 Spotlight Pass, then you’ll find the latter of the songs available for free.

This all combines to ensure that once more there is good reason for any would-be bands to get back together for a little jam session, particularly as this week’s content drops will suit such a decent variety of tastes. Whatever you think though, drop your thoughts in the comments below or hit us up on the usual social media channels. Remember, should these not be enticing enough then there are numerous other DLC additions to choose from.

And if you prefer something that is a bit more ‘real’, then a bit of time with the awesome Rocksmith should be more than considered too.

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