Are you looking to surround yourself with the best Apex Legends weapons? This handy dandy Apex Legends gun tier list will help you stay away from the worst weapons in the game. Apex Legends owns 15 characters after the release of Season 7’s Horizon. While each has their own strengths and weaknesses, owning the right gun is an integral part in your success. 

If you find yourself with any of these guns to start, it might be in your best interests to swap quickly. With that said, these are the worst three guns in Apex Legends. 


Are you honestly surprised to see this gun here? You shouldn’t. If you are new, you have a better chance of landing a million on the 888 Casino Online. This weapon serves as a shotgun, but in pistol form. However, this gun is far from accurate and can only really pack on damage if you have hammer point rounds or hit a headshot. The problem is that finding the hammer points modification takes a bit of time. You could get lucky and find it early, but getting a kill with this gun is in fact pure luck.

In Season 6, the game boosted the gun to fire four rounds instead of three. However, you have a better chance of securing a kill by melee. If you have the ability to aim close and get a headshot, kudos to you. For the rest of the gaming community, try and find a new gun as fast as you can. 

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Isn’t it a coincidence that two guns that require the hammer points rounds mod are on the list? The P2020 is an actual pistol that fires light ammo. This is the most bland gun in the game and the buff to the damage portion in Season 6 didn’t help its cause either. Before Season 6, the P2020 shot the most damage out of any gun with the hammer point rounds. If you have the hammer points equipped, it can deal damage quick, but you only get one shot. 

Due to the light capacity in the magazine, you have to hit your shots right away. Compared to other second gun choices like the R-301, Spitfire, or Havoc, owning this gun early is the only time you should have it. Once you navigate through the game, it’s in your best interests to dump this gun. 

VK-47 Flatline

The Flatline is an assault rifle that deals more damage than the R-301 and Hemlock. However, the Flatline owns the worst fire rate of any gun, heavy or light. Thanks to the slow-moving rounds, getting ambushed by an opponent can mean that you can’t even put up a fight. Compared to the Hemlock, Spitfire, and even the Wingman, owning the Flatline is a firefight is your worst option. 

Plus, the Flatline doesn’t offer a lot of mods. You can attach a standard stock and an extended heavy mag along with any site from 1X to 3X. These mods are pretty standard among other guns, so there is really no boost. You should try and find a more powerful weapon if you get the chance.