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3 Popular Xbox games that feature casinos


In-game casinos are usually optional mini-games that enrich the main content. Much like their real-life counterparts, in-game casinos provide an escape from the chaotic gameplay and a chance for relaxation. Players can spend their in-game currency (and sometimes real currency) to play authentic casino games from the comfort of their homes and while inside their favorite games. Developers can occasionally use custom skins or different game rules, but the core principle remains intact. Which is to have fun, learn, and practice your casino gaming skills.

1. Fable II Pub Games

Combining real-life casino games reskinned to fit into the rich Fable II universe and with some of the rules tweaked, Fable II Pub Games is a good example of how to do casino games. On the surface, it may seem short, with only three available games:

  • Fortune’s Tower
  • Keystone
  • Spinnerbox

But, they have custom rules that mimic their real-life counterparts, great gameplay, and can be a practice tool for casino games with real money. Just as playing games can hone your skills, playing in-game casino games can prepare you for any of the recommended casinos from the list prepared by gambling expert, Vlad Grindu, for example, Spinnerbox can be somewhat compared to slot machines, where players can spend fictional gold to spin three to six unique reels.

Keystone is a combo of roulette and craps, providing a special experience but also allowing the player to practice both. The player spins some dice and bets on the outcome before they finish, which can warry between 3 and 18 (as there are three dice). In the special alternative mode Bloodstones, the player can bet against some roles, which is a nice twist on the formula.

2. Fallout New Vegas

If the title didn’t give it away, in Fallout New Vegas, you can visit the post-apocalyptic version of Vegas, where both war and rules for casino games never change. The Wasteland is a gruesome and harsh place, ravaged by nuclear war and monsters, so taking a break and playing some popular casino games like poker, blackjack, craps, slots, and similar is a good way to take the edge off. The game also provides ample tools to tilt the odds in your favor, and win caps, the in-game currency, and earn some exp.

Just as caps hold value in the Fallout universe, so too do cryptocurrencies in ours, and you can use them in various trusted crypto gambling sites, for the same purpose as you would in Fallout New Vegas. Fallout New Vegas simulates the old, western style and atmosphere of casino games, where Texas Hold ’em and poker shine. Apart from traveling to the Nevada desert or using a time machine, Fallout New Vegas is the next best thing.

3.  Grand Theft Auto series

Or GTA, as it is popularly known, is the series that does not shun away from all sorts of activities. Gambling has been present since GTA 2 in the in-game Funabashi Casino. GTA 3 had Kenji’s Casino, and GTA Sant Andreas introduced a whole slew of casinos, where you have three at the start which are:

  • Caligula’s Palace 
  • Casino Floor 
  • Four Dragons Casino

while the remaining ten need to be unlocked to progress in the game. But, the one place that stands out is the Diamond Casino & Resort in GTA Online. As GTA Online attracts the most players, the casino is ideal for meeting and interacting with plenty of potential casino buddies. Players can also play poker, roulette, or slots in the in-game casino. They can even bet on virtual horse racing and earn in-game currency. You can also exchange your currency for chips. The casino also serves as a safe zone, shielding players from the chaos happening in the online world and providing a safe gaming space. The casino is designed like a premium casino space, offering players a chance to experience the atmosphere of a high roll and stakes environment. 

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