If you’re not familiar with the gaming world, choosing a game that goes in line with someone’s preferences can be a hard nut to crack. But worry not – there are many universal gifts that every gamer will appreciate. You’ll find some ideas below!

Are you wondering what to offer a devoted fan of gaming? A lot depends on what type of games come into play. Fans of PC gameplay have different needs and preferences than PS enthusiasts. We won’t suggest particular games, as their variety on the market is really wide, and fitting into a particular person’s taste can be challenging. Instead, we’ve come up with gift solutions that will most likely be appreciated by any gamer. 

PSN cards

This kind of voucher is a perfect gift for PlayStation fans. If you remember them mentioning the next release, but you’re not sure what it exactly was, go for the PSN cards. It’s a safe choice because it leaves a final decision to them. They know perfectly what has recently appeared in the market and which games interest them the most. 

The cards are supposed to be used in the official PlayStation store to add the funds. The gamer can exchange them for games, add-ons, films, and other materials available in the shop. The whole process is simple – it’s enough to insert a unique code on the voucher to see the money appearing in the wallet right away. You can use PSN cards also to purchase the PlayStation Network Plus subscription.

Gamer’s chair

For PC gamers, especially the professional ones or those who aspire to it, a comfortable chair is a must. It should be as ergonomic as possible – game enthusiasts often spend hours in front of the monitor. If you want to choose something special, search for chairs dedicated to gamers. They usually have built-in speakers and vibration motors that make the whole experience even more immersive. 

Impulse neuro-controler

This gift is for real game nerds! It’s a neoprene glove covered with electrodes that detect muscle signals. The player can connect it to their computer with the usual USB. What’s the point of using an impulse neuro-controller? It can make the gamer’s reactions even faster! Usually, it speeds them up at least by 80 milliseconds. Sounds like a little? Well, for the gamers – particularly the professional ones – it makes a big difference as it can provide them with an advantage over the opponent.

Choosing a gift for a gamer can be challenging, especially for non-players! The suggestions above should make it easier for you to choose something that will make them happy.