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Remember the draw of 20XX? Of course you do, and that is why you should be so damn excited to read about the unveiling of the sequel – 30XX.

Coming to PC and console in 2021, 30XX follows on from the brilliance of 20XX (we gave it a massive 4.5/5 in our review so it must be good) to see Batterystaple Games and Kowloon Nights come together to deliver yet another Mega Man inspired experience.

Due to hit PC and console in 2021, 30XX builds upon 20XX’s Megaroguelike foundation with a whole host of brand new features which include the likes of a new hi-bit art style from art director Glauber Kotaki (Rogue Legacy, Duelyst, and Chasm) and a fresh set of eight new worlds to explore. Each of these will come with their own identity, platforming mechanics, and fearsome Guardian.

But looking past the new visual style and we see the heroes of 20XX return, with Nina and Ace gaining access to a ton of new abilities. No longer merely wielding different primary weapons, in 30XX the powerful pair possess entirely distinct move sets allowing greater freedom of expression for both exploring levels and beating back the machines holding Earth prisoner.

For instance, Nina’s new Power Fusion system allows her to meld together abilities earned from vanquishing bosses and tailor them to the situation at hand with 64 separate attacks. Meanwhile, the blade-brandishing Ace boasts a versatile set of Techniques, which can be chained together with standard attacks to unleash fierce combos, adapt to any situation, and reach new heights.

30XX Reveal

That’s not all though and 30XX also introduces an all-new level of roguelike challenge and reward with its new metagame currency, Memoria. Collected during runs, this Memoria can augment the experience, boosting character abilities, giving keen insight into the challenges to come, or altering how stages generate other helping hands. And once you manage to meet certain criteria, can turn up the heat with Entropy Conditions, introducing optional layers of additional difficulty in exchange for Memoria and other rewards.

“The response to 20XX has been incredible, but we still see many ways we can continue to improve and expand upon the wonderful game our community helped us build,” said Chris King, founder of Batterystaple. “With 30XX, our mission is to realize the limitless potential the genre offers, and we can’t wait to bring our fans into the fold to help shape the process.”

If you can’t wait till 2021 and are visiting PAX East in Boston then you’ll find 30XX available for hands-on demos in the Indie MEGABOOTH at booth 21027. Make sure you check it out. Or just watch the trailer below. Or do both. We don’t mind. Just take in as much of 30XX as you possibly can!

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