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We love Game Pass, not just because it’s a cheap and easy way to experience an array of games that we may not otherwise have bothered with, but because the continually revolving door sees new experiences come in, and go out, on a regular basis. That’s the case today as 4 new games launch into Xbox Game Pass. 

In fact, today sees two titles debut in the scheme, whilst two further ones make the jump in hope of gathering up an additional player base, with there pretty much being something for everyone included within. 

It’s Surgeon Simulator 2: Access All Areas that is our most anticipated, with Bossa Studios’ blood and guts sim launching directly into the scheme. It’s a game which offers up something that we don’t usually see on the scene – the chance to become a real-life surgeon, taking people apart, putting them back together, and having a laugh whilst you do so. 

Surgeon Simulator 2 is far from the serious game you may expect though, ass it presents you with the delightful Bob and lets you get on with doing what the hell you want to him. Cutting off arms is par for the course, going deep into the guts is another. With objectives to nail, opponents to prove yourself to, and a whole load of fun promised from the get-go, if you’re in the market for something a little different to the norm, Surgeon Simulator 2 is going to be for you. 

Also debuting in Game Pass ass a Day One title, albeit in Game Preview form, is that of Craftopia

A brand new multiplayer open-world survival experience, Craftopia will have you working your way through a Sandbox world, exploring every little detail and hoping to take as much information as you can away from it. You’ll need to fight enemies, along with hunger, all whilst cultivating and harvesting goodies during a farming process. 

On the face of it you’re getting stuff that is present in today’s drop of Kitaria Fables too, just with an altogether different angle taken – that angle being one of utter fantasy. 

As a Game Preview title, you should be aware however that things can, and will, change throughout time, all until the team at POCKET PAIR get this into a decent enough state to warrant a full launch. It’s then when we’ll drop a full review of how Craftopia plays out on Xbox, but with it already being fully optimised for Xbox Series X|S, we’ve got high hopes. The plans that the team have, when worked with the community angle that Game Preview titles live on, makes this one to seriously keep an eye on. 

It’s not just about the newest of games launching in Xbox Game Pass today though and we also find Final Fantasy XIII and Signs of the Sojourner dipping their toes into the water too. 

We think it’s pretty safe to say that most gamers will know what to expect from a Final Fantasy title and there is nothing to deviate from that with XIII. A native Xbox 360 title that is fully playable through Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, if you’re up for some adventures of destiny, this focus-fuelled affair is going to set you right. 

And then we have Signs of the Sojourner also rocking up for a bit of Game Pass action. Having only recently released on Xbox – March 2021 in fact – it’s great that this relaxing card game is making the most of the subscriber base that GP allows, mostly as it’s a beautifully crafted card affair that we’re pretty taken by. With multiple playthroughs pretty much demanded and a unique tone to proceedings, if you’re taking your first forays into the card/deck building scene, this is possibly one that you should start with. Now it’s on Game Pass too, there’s zero reason not to give it a go. 

So, 4 new games all in the Game Pass house and we’d not hesitate to recommend you give at least 3 of them a go immediately. Whether or not the Game Preview route that Craftopia is taking is of interest too will be up for debate, but the quality of the other titles cannot be argued. 

Let us know which of these you decide to play first. 

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