Styx is the master of shadows and the latest ‘Making Of’ trailers give you an insight into how the game has been developed.

You can find all four trailers below, so sit back and take in the ‘Making of Gameplay’, ‘Making of Sound Design’, ‘Making of the Music’ and the ‘Making of the Team’, narrated by the Game Director, Game Designer and Project Manager.

Unfortunately, only the ‘Gameplay’ video has subtitles but the world is an ever decreasing space and I’m sure a fair few of our visitors will still be able to take in the going ons in the other three.

Styx Master of Shadows will release as a digital download on Xbox One come 7th October. You can find all our previous articles, including a number of other trailers, just here.

Can you help Styx climb the Tower of Akenash?



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