Unless you live under a rock, you probably know a lot about the Xbox Series X, the latest next-generation gaming console from Microsoft. For example, you understand it has bigger bandwidth capabilities, more computing units, and overall higher performance than the PlayStation 5.

These are the reasons you’re an Xbox fan, and why you’ll remain loyal. However, it’s not always the big features that make customers fall in love with products. Often, it’s the little details that add an incredible amount of value. The Series X is no different since several brilliant functions often go under the radar.

Delve deeper than the surface aesthetics and specifications and you’ll find a world you never knew existed, a universe that’s totally different from the one you where you spend most of your playing time. Okay, it won’t change much now that you finally have your hands on the hardware. With shortages, securing a console was the main goal.

Still, no one wants gaming to get monotonous or repetitive. Typically, you might look to games to shake up the gaming experience. However, with the Series X, you can rely on the following. Here are four things you didn’t know your new Xbox can do.

Control Storage Space

Why worry about storage space when you have the xCloud? Yes, Microsoft’s take on cloud computing will transform gaming for many men, women, and children, especially from an accessibility standpoint. Still, it doesn’t mean you have a bottomless pit of gigabytes on which to rely.

As hardware is becoming less popular – when was the last time you bought a physical disk? – the need for storage space is as great as ever, something the Series X takes care of with a neat trick. According to the boffins at MS, the next-gen consoles come with a feature called “selectively uninstall”.

In short, it lets players decide which parts of a game they want to choose, and which they are happy to delete. By uninstalling the unnecessary components, you won’t have to fret about any waste cluttering up the digital ether. That means fewer hours spent agonising over the games you have to remove, and the hours of playing time you must delete with a click of a button.

This uninstall feature was available on some Xbox One games, but not all of them. For the Xbox Series X, it will be accessible across the board, providing owners with more control than ever before.

Remaster Old Games

The topic of backwards compatibility has been around for years, with millions of gamers wondering why new models won’t play their favourite old-school titles. The answer is obvious – money. Thankfully, the console giants have seen the error in their ways, making retro games available on their next-gen devices.

However, Microsoft hasn’t stopped there because they want to take the user experience to a new level. As a result, they have invested in HDR, a smart form of machine-learning that stands for “high dynamic range”. This means you can remaster old titles.

This means you automatically receive an enhanced version of the graphics, contrast, and colour without making any significant alterations. All you have to do is tweak the settings to enable HDR, and ensure your TV is HDR-compatible. Once these bases are covered, your Xbox will do the rest, delivering nostalgia in a new, upgraded light.

It might sound like a lot of messing around, yet the truth is that this is a level of development that proves an Xbox is a console made by gamers for gamers. The same level of detail doesn’t apply to its competitors.

Pexels – CC0 Licence

Be Inspired

No, it’s not the gameplay that’s inspiring, even though it is in a way. Once you’ve seen Series X graphics on a 4K screen, you’ll never go back! The latest release of the Xbox is more ingrained in popular culture than you think, which is more than impressive – it’s inspiring.

When you look at all the great people who use Microsoft’s technology to boost their creative processes, it’s almost impossible to miss the link between gaming and originality. Seriously, some Xbox quotes are from the most powerful people in the world, which means you know Xbox is the king of consoles!

From Bill Gates to Barack Obama and some of the leading sports and music stars in the world, they all have positive things to say about Xbox gaming. This should highlight the power of the industry, and how you need to listen to your gut. After all, if playing video games all day is good enough for Ice Cube, then it’s good enough for the rest of us!

People can be disparaging about gamers as the passion has a stigma. The reality is, gaming is universal and loved by an eclectic mix of people, which is motivating.

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Pre-Load Games

While the internet has been healthy for gamers, it also has its downfalls. One everybody understands is the lengthy download time it takes before a new title is available to play. You buy a digital version to eliminate the wait time associated with physical games, so it’s frustrating to say the least.

There is good news for Series X fans, however, and it’s the ability to pre-load games before they launch. It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t a hack – you have to pay for the privilege to play and can’t bypass the payment firewall.

However, pre-loading a game lets you transfer a new release into your library, even before it’s available. Think of pre-orders. Then, when the launch date rolls around, you can pay for it and start playing almost instantly. Yep, there shouldn’t be any download issues as it’s already been sanctioned.

This small-yet-powerful tweak is a workaround that will make you genuinely excited for big launches. There won’t be any nagging thought in the back of your head telling you, “calm down, there’s a way to go yet.”


The Xbox Series X is an incredible piece of machinery, something you already knew. However, these little details make it even better, so get back online and enjoy everything your Xbox has to offer!