Have you ever found yourself with some leftover Xbox Live Credit and thought, what can I possibly get with this? I know I have. But fear not, as I have scoured the Xbox Store and found the best Xbox One games available, right now, for under a fiver each. 

Just to clarify, in this article I have steered clear of “freemium” games, that cost nothing to download but offer in game purchases. Trust me, for the most part you aren’t missing out on much anyway.

Arcade Game Series: Galaga – £3.19

arcade game series galaga xbox

There are a few of these classic arcade titles available for the same price, but Galaga is the best of the bunch, even pipping the mighty Pac-Man to the post.

For those that are unfamiliar, Galaga was a 1981 arcade shooter, top down, which sees you having to fight off hordes of hostile aliens. It’s pretty simple – there are a few enemies with different abilities such as tractor beams that try and grab you, and different aliens that have varying flight paths. Otherwise there’s not much else to it.

It remains very playable to this day, and has more longevity than the other games in the Arcade Game Series on Xbox One, so if retro gaming is your bag, you really can’t go wrong here. 

Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator – £2.39

oh sir xbox

Here’s a game that makes it onto the list, mainly because of its kookiness.

It was originally released on PC before making the leap to home consoles. Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator is a battle of wits, the aim being to verbally KO your opponent. Think of it as Street Fighter, but it’s a war of words rather than fists. You can choose different characters to play as, and each is voiced so you can rather pleasingly hear your crafted insults being delivered to your opponent. It’s great to load up at parties, or if you prefer you can insult random people across the world.

A spin-off, Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast is also worth a look for more of the same fighting talk.

6180 the moon – £3.19

6180 the moon

The tagline for this game is “music.space.jump.”. That pretty much sums it up.

6180 the moon is a relaxing, monochrome platformer, but with a difference. Both the top and bottom of the screen are connected, so if you seemingly fall to your death, you’ll appear safely at the top of the screen, and vice versa. That’s not to say there aren’t hazards to avoid, mainly being spikes, but once you get the hang of things you’ll be able to land some super long jumps.

If you need a game to chill out with after a long day at work, this definitely fits the bill. 

MechaNika – £4.99

mechanika xbox

Nika is a seven year old girl who is pretty disillusioned with her family, school life, and well, everything really. She’s decided that she will reshape the world to fit her needs and wants better, but needs several components before the project can be completed. If you’re thinking of an older, female Stewie Griffin, you’re bang on.

She is also a child genius, which helps, and so she sets out on an adventure to find the parts for her masterplan.

MechaNika is cheeky, charming, and looks gorgeous – much like an interactive comic book. You’ll be left wishing for more, however at this price it’s very hard to be critical of that.

Pac-Man 256 – £3.99

pacman 256 xbox

I bet you weren’t expecting to see this make the list after the start of this article, however this is no ordinary Pac-Man re-release. It was created by the same team that made Crossy Road, and proved to be just as well received.

Nominated for many “best game” accolades, Pac-Man 256 is a rare example of where mobile games can actually be lots of fun.

Super-Villain, The Glitch, is after you and the only way to survive is to chow down on Pac-Dots like your life depends on it. You’re trapped in an endless maze as The Glitch pursues you and your aim is to get as many points as possible without being caught. Also, if you devour 256 simultaneous Pac-Dots, you’ll earn a little surprise.

The game boasts new themes, power-ups and enemies which shake up the classic gameplay but keeps things just as addictive as ever. You can also play with up to three others locally or online where the action can get really frantic.

It’s not often that remixes of true classics work so well, but Bandai Namco and Hipster Whale pulled it off.

And there we have it. A diverse range of value for money Xbox One games which should provide plenty of inspiration for how to spend your hard earned pennies. Agree with my choices? Have you picked up any of these games for less than a fiver? Let us know in the comments below.

Please remember, prices shown are at time of writing and may change up or down as time moves ahead.

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