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Free-to-play is great but every now and then there is the opportunity to build on the F2P aspects with Premium DLC Packs. Today that is exactly what we are seeing as players get access to no less than 5 add-ons with the latest Hyper Universe Premium DLC packs on Xbox One.

Available right now for Xbox One for Hyper Universe players to embrace are 5 packs that should allow any purchaser to get a little upper-hand on the opposition. Priced up at £7.99 each, these add-ons deliver the opportunity to drop into the action with Lyn, Asura, Sonya, Maya and Hulahula.

As you would expect, these Hyper Universe Premium DLC packs for Xbox One deliver a number of exciting new items to the game, with each character being able to bring their own unique style to proceedings. With new weapons on the cards, a variety of skins and equipment pieces available and each building on the emotes front, any hardcore Hyper Universe players should be more than interested in what they bring.

The Xbox Store will happily supply the goods for you to enjoy, with the links below pushing you straight to your desired choice.

  • Lyn Premium Pack – Get ready for fast pace action with the Lyn Premium Pack! Move and dash quickly into combat and pepper your foes with her dual crossbow attacks. Fight with your team and lay down sustained damage or use hit and run techniques to whittle down your enemies with Lyn’s burst damage abilities. This striker knows how to do it all! Contains: • Lyn • Blue Night Fog skin • Eldora’s Fire skin • Lyn’s laugh, joke, and provoke emotes. • All of Lyn’s unique equipment
  • Asura Premium Pack – The Asura Premium Pack is the ultimate way to get your “edge lord” on! Asura is an assassin focused on sticking to his opponents and doing massive damage with his blade work. If you are highly skilled and enjoy leaving your foes in pieces this is the hyper for you! • Asura • Cyber Ninja skin • Blade of Vengeance skin • Asura’s laugh, joke, and provoke emotes. • All of Asura’s unique equipment
  • Sonya Premium Pack – Get ready to drag and drop your opponents into pain town with the Sonya Premium Pack! Sonya is a martial arts bruiser that excels in keeping her enemies down. Got a foe trying to get away? Hip throw them back into your buddies and maybe get a couple of hits in yourself while they are down. Take it to the mat with Sonya! Contains: • Sonya • Mighty Descendant skin • Red Uniform skin • Sonya’s laugh, joke, and provoke emotes. • All of Sonya’s unique equipment
  • Maya Premium Pack – Take support to the next level with Maya Premium pack! Maya and her rock golem Toto team up to make a support hyper that is great at both attack and defense! She has the ability to block projectiles, buff her teammates and can use Toto wall off any lane she is fighting in. Maya’s abilities are powerful but situational, learn when to drop them and come out on top! Contains: • Maya • Daughter of Dawn skin • Little Princess skin • Maya’s laugh, joke, and provoke emotes. • All of Maya’s unique equipment
  • Hulahula Premium Pack – If you like taking damage and giving as good as you get then the Hulahula premium pack is for you! Hulahula is a tank that uses water as a shield and his cactus body as a weapon! Get in the middle of the fights and unleash your damage reflection abilities for maximum effect! Remember he may look cute, but be wary hugging cacti! Contains: • Hulahula • Little Hopper skin • Yellow Cactus skin • Hulahula’s laugh, joke, and provoke emotes. • All of Hulahula’s unique equipment
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Will you be dipping your toe into the Premium Packs market for Hyper Universe on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.


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