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Christmas is coming and there’s one present that should be right at the very top of your Xmas list….Kinect for Xbox One.

Whilst many of you will already have the motion tracking, voice controlled accessory, back in May, Microsoft’s decision to throw the Xbox One out there without Kinect means there will still be a fair few who don’t own it. And those are the ones who will be missing out on some superb games and Xbox One features. Some of which we couldn’t live without to be honest!

We understand not everyone will even want to think about using anything other than a standard controller for their gaming wares, but the following five things should make you seriously think about sticking that standalone Kinect for Xbox One right at the very top of your Christmas list.

Fantasia: Music Evolved

If there was one game that makes the very best use of Kinect for Xbox One, it’s Fantasia: Music Evolved.

Harmonix have a decent motion tracking pedigree but even we were shocked at how good, how responsive and how addictive Music Evolved is. Teaming up with Disney to deliver an experience like no other, Harmonix have cast you in the role of apprentice sorcerer and it’s up to you to rid magical musical realms of ‘noise’.

Whilst most games that take advantage of Kinect need you to have even the most basic ‘dancing’ skills, Fantasia sees you play out things in the form of a ‘conductor’, waving your arms around in order to hit the correct on screen prompts.

It’s beautiful to look at and has a track listing that is quite easily on par with any other motion games but its main draw is that you can play it just as easily sitting down as you can standing up; something that allows everyone to get involved….even those who usually shy away from the ego-stoking dance titles.

Have a read of our review.

fantasia multi

Just Dance 2015

Speaking of showing-off, there is nothing better than a good old dance to help relieve some stress and Just Dance 2015 gives you the chance to do that, share your moves to the world and basically get involved in a massive dance off with other like minded people from around the world.

Ubisoft’s Just Dance series is filled with cheesy pop classics and the 2015 variant is no different featuring songs such as ‘The Best Song Ever’ by One Direction, ‘Holding out for a Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler and everyone’s current favourite sing-a-long tune, ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen

It’s bright, appealing and above all else, fun and that is no more apparent than in the multiplayer side of things. Just Dance 2015 has been taken to the nth degree with the inclusion of duets, group dances, dance-offs and a number of stat and video sharing options. The Community Remix’s are superb whilst The World Dance Hall is the place to go if you want to feel like you are at a party but have no physical friends to hand.

Whilst Kinect isn’t strictly necessary to play Just Dance 2015 (the addition of the Just Dance 2015 Motion Controller App helps out there), you get much more enjoyment and sense of achievement through the use of Kinect.

Our review tells all!

just dance 2015 pic 1

Dance Central Spotlight

The cheapest of cheap dance games, Dance Central Spotlight is now being given away in near on every Xbox One console bundle you are likely to find. With a library of more than 90 tracks, a super cheap price point and the chance to get down and groove to the very latest songs via weekly downloadable content, Spotlight promises to give you a basic but refined ‘dance experience’.

The inclusion of a fitness mode and eight different routines for each song means that even once you’ve exhausted the full list (and can’t be bothered waiting for anymore), then you’ll still find plenty of dance time left in it.

Multiplayer works perfectly too so if you have a friend or fifty round for a New Years party then DC Spotlight should come in pretty handy!

Not convinced? Have a read of our review. It grabbed 4 out of 5 stars at the time.


Xbox Fitness

Xbox Fitness released at launch with the next generation console and immediately sprung into action as every man and his dog attempted to lose weight after the Christmas period. With gym memberships flying high at the start of the year, Xbox Fitness promises to fill the void for all those who either can’t afford the expense that goes with popping down to the gym or (as is probably the case with many of us), just can’t be bothered braving the icy winter weather. With numerous workouts available – and many of them being free – your Xbox One can indeed help you lose those pounds, get fit and have fun at the same time. Admittedly, it’s not in the same ‘fun’ category as the recent Shape Up from Ubisoft, but if you aren’t bothered about the social aspect that comes with visiting the gym, then Xbox Fitness could quite possibly be a bit of a saviour.

Our review of Xbox Fitness should help make up that mind!

xbox fitness header

Xbox On

So it may not be a game, but it is a way of life.

Those of us who utilise Kinect for Xbox One on a daily basis will no doubt agree that two simple words have changed our lives for the better. ‘Xbox On’, does exactly what it says on the tin; it turns your Xbox One on, and if you so wish, also fires up your TV and any connected satellite box at the same time. Admittedly it doesn’t take an awful lot of energy to switch them all on with a push of a few buttons, but why use buttons when you can use voice!

The fact that, a year after release, I still attempt to switch my Xbox 360 on by uttering those immortal words says a great deal for how powerful voice control is. Throw in ‘Volume Up’ or ‘Xbox Turn Off’ and you’ve got the staples for magical powers.

Personally I’d buy Kinect JUST for these features, it’s that damn good!

xbox on pic 1

So there we have it, our top five reasons for why Kinect for Xbox One should be right at the very top of your Christmas list. If Santa doesn’t quite come up with the goods then make sure you go looking through the New Years sales come early 2015.

You won’t regret it!

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8 years ago

[…] be getting in on the action too. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at five reasons why Kinect for Xbox One should be right at the top of that Christmas list of yours. Did we miss anything […]

8 years ago

Consoles are hitting that critical mass now. Lots of the core gaming weirdoes that are to influenced by IGN, Gamespot, and the internet that cant make up their mind for themselves are out of the way. Now they can start pushing the technology to people that will actually take interest in it. The funny thing is the internet has been trying to proclaim kinect as dead since before it launched but I still see lots of kinect bundled X1s selling and they have released lots of good software for it. D4 and Fantasia are just amazing….. Kinect sports Rivals has some events that are great… but the Boom Blox and Shape Up games look really well done too, cant wait to try them out.

Neil Watton
Reply to  Edonus
8 years ago

That could well be the best comment I’ve read for weeks Edonus.

Agreed that Fantasia is just stunning, I’ve been consistently amazed by it. Not sure I agree with Rivals though…it’s alright for 5 minutes but anything longer than that and it begins to frustrate.

Would like to try Boom Blox but seems it’s passing the UK by for the time being.

Reply to  Neil Watton
8 years ago

Kinect Sports Rivals is a true mixed bag, there some events I love others I dont touch but some people like them and dislike the ones I like. Mostly everyone can find a mini game that they like. For me where KSR fails is there is no match making system, I dont mind playing peoples AI representations but if someone is available I would like that human to human contact. Also it only supports 2 player online or at home…… I would love wave racer with 6 people or rock climbing with 4 real people or a 4 team bowling league. I think they should take some of the individual games and fully expand them into their own game. But as of now KSR is very niche there are better options now.

Coip's Dead Uncle
Reply to  Edonus
8 years ago

*stifles laughter* I went back very easily. Kinect was the best forty dollar trade-in credit imaginable.

8 years ago

amazing. will get 5 kinekts, and put them on each side of the room, and one on the ceiling, so the NSA can make a true 3d footage, with multi-angle videos.

Reply to  PS4GAMERS
8 years ago

I didnt know the NSA monitors barns and stables.

8 years ago

Yeah, it works really well. Really great addition to the XB1. Wish Sony had done something similar with the PS4.