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5 Ways to Improve Your Online Gaming Experience


There are well over two billion gamers worldwide, and the figure keeps going up as gaming infrastructure becomes cheaper, and easier to obtain and more people become connected to the internet. With that being said, only a few gamers can say they have the right tools or are content with their gaming experience. This guide will help you improve your gaming experience by making a few tweaks to your gaming habits. Read on for five helpful tips.

  1. Use a VPN

You may have come across loads of content about how a virtual private network can slow down your gameplay, but it can actually yield the opposite effect. These days, many internet service providers use a technique called data throttling to limit how much bandwidth specific users get on their devices. You can prevent this by installing one of these VPNs for gaming and ensure you get unlimited bandwidth. A VPN makes it impossible for the internet service provider to track your online activities and tell how much data you are using. As a consequence, the technicians are not able to identify you and limit your connection.

  1. Build a gaming rig

Everyone has their preference. Some people like consoles, while others fancy their laptops. Some are attached to their mobile devices and aren’t open to dip their toes into PC or console gaming. However, if you want to get the most out of your gaming and compete favorably against your virtual friends, PC gaming might be the way to go. By building your own PC, you give yourself the freedom of choice regarding components and make it easy to fix problems that arise from component failure.

  1. Close other programs when playing

Your ISP provides limited internet, and to increase your bandwidth allocation to your gaming site or program; you have to shut down background programs that you are not using.

  1. Update your PC and programs

New firmware and device software updates come with security patches and new features that may improve performance. Graphic driver updates, for instance, improve a PC’s performance when resource-intensive programs are open. No matter the games you play and your gaming device’s capabilities, make sure to regularly update firmware and software for a better online experience.

  1. Set up an ergonomic gaming station

While online one-on-ones and tournaments can be fun, it is best to ensure the thrill doesn’t come at the expense of your physical comfort and well being. Consider investing in an ergonomically optimized gaming chair and find a desk that suits your height. In addition, obtain a comfortable gaming controller, even if it costs more, establish your ideal screen size, and adjust your screen brightness to a level that is friendly to your eyes. If you have a health problem that you think might be aggravated by sitting for too long or spending too much time behind a computer, consider talking to a healthcare professional first.


If you want to improve your gaming experience, you need to understand your needs and make tweaks only where they are required. For gaming newbies, the above tips will help you ease into your new-founded adventure.

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