It’s quite obviously THAT time of year. You know, the time when all manner of bundle packs come out ready to remove us of any spare Christmas cash. And today another new bundle pack of games has appeared on Xbox One – the Merge Mega Bundle.

As the name suggests, this bundle of six games from Merge Games sees them all arrive and be purchasable for one easy to handle price. Delivering the likes of Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure, Sublevel Zero: Redux, Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space, HoPiKo, Cast of the Seven Godsends and Tango Fiesta, should you not have purchased any of the games when they initially released, but have been casting a beady eye their way ever since, then now is the time to get involved

£41.49 is all that is requested and that ensures you see a decent saving over the £66.34 it would take to prise these titles away from the Microsoft Store. Okay, so Tango Fiesta is a bit rubbish, but Seven Godsends, HoPiKo and Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure are more than worthy of the price asked and they should really be the big selling points for this bundle, with Sublevel Zero: Redux and Albedo filling the space nicely.

If you agree, or just want to get a few games added to your Xbox One digital library, then you should be making your way over to the Microsoft Store right now and grabbing the Merge Mega Bundle of games. Just ignore Tango Fiesta yeah?!!?

Additionally, you could grab a couple more bundles that are also present. Two double packs may be worth your time with the HoPiKo and Tango Fiesta one coming in at £9.99, whilst a better option would be the Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure and Sublevel Zero: Redux one will set you back £29.99.

Bundle Description:

The Merge Games Mega Bundles includes the following titles: Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure Sublevel Zero: Redux Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space HoPiKo Cast of the Seven Godsends Tango Fiesta

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