Red Dead Redemption 2. Forza Horizon 4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. All great games in their own right – and none of which find their way on to this list. You see, for all the great games that released on Xbox One throughout 2018, there were also some absolute stinkers; games that really don’t deserve a single penny of your hard earned cash? What were they? Well, here are 6 of the worst Xbox One games of 2018. 

Super Street: The Game

super street the game xbox

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Xbox market to be flooded with racers, taking the game to the likes of the Forza franchise in order to continue seeing the genre hit annual highs. But if you are going to rock up in to an area that is being dominated by one king, then the very least you should be doing is finding time to ensure that your own product is the best it can be.

I’m not sure that is the case with Super Street: The Game.

A heady mix of anti-social driving, dodgy body kits, and “babes” was promised with Super Street: The Game, and if we’re honest, Lion Castle managed to just about get away with those things. But even after casting the offensiveness to one side, it’s hard to make a claim for much else found within this street racer.

Outdated visuals, gameplay from decades past, objectification of women from before even that, and a price that very nearly puts it on a par with the biggest blockbusting titles of the year, all combine to deliver a game that even the most ardent of petrolhead would struggle to recommend.

Yes the promise of a patch after launch supposedly fixed a few things, but by then, it was all too late.

Airport Simulator 2019

airport simulator 2019

It wasn’t so long ago that you would have struggled to find a proper simulator on Xbox One. Now though, there are tons. But are any of them any good? Well, we wouldn’t want to tar each and every addition with the same brush, but when you see the likes of Firefighters: The Simulation and Firefighters: Airport Fire Department taking places on our ‘Worst games of 2017‘ list, and then finding the equally abysmal Airport Simulator 2019 arrive, it’s hard not to.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some decent sims available on Xbox One – The Sims 4 for instance! – but there are also a select few that really don’t deserve a second of your time. From your initial visual look, you can probably see why Airport Simulator 2019 is one of those.

But what do you get to do in Airport Simulator 2019? Well, you get to drive vehicles back and forth from plane to plane, over and over again, experiencing many different types – from the fast to the slow – as you go about repeating the same actions multiple times. You also get to employ some staff to help you out, allowing you to get the boring stuff passed on to others so you can sit with your feet up on the desk, ordering your minions around without you ever having to dirty your hands again.

However, Airport Simulator 2019 on Xbox One is a long, long, way off what is expected from any modern day sim. You’ll be left wanting to affect pilot schedules, deal with food decisions, and sit primed to react to every eventuality. Instead though, you’ll no doubt find that the most enjoyable aspect of Airport Simulator 2019 will be focusing on fast forwarding through the action in the hope you may see a plane land. Spoiler: You won’t.

Zombie Pinball

zombie pinball xbox one

Zen Studios have got the pinball market sewn up. There is no other way of putting it, and unless you want to see your tables included in Zen’s Pinball FX3, you may as well not even bother taking the fight to the Z-team.

But Shine Research obviously had other ideas in mind when they delivered Babylon 2055 Pinball and Zombie Pinball to Xbox One in 2018. Why did they do that? We have no idea.

We could have opted to include either of the two super cheap pinball titles into this list, but have, in the end opted to run with the latter – that of Zombie Pinball, just because… well, we’ve had enough of zombies…

But what is so bad about a game that comes with just a £3.99 price tag? Well, what’s good about it to be honest, and from the get go, the garish visuals do nothing to drag you in. Should you be able to work your peepers past that though, then you’ll be treated to nothing less than poor physics, terrible table choices and utterly boring game modes that will have you begging to leave in order to spend your time with the brilliance of Pinball FX3 instead.

Claws of Furry

claws of furry xbox

Want a fun experience? Want to play something that brings some new ideas to the table? You’ll be best off playing something that isn’t Claws of Furry.

Any game that delivers the chance to play as a cat ninja really should be able to sell itself, but in the case of Claws of Furry, the whole cat ninja/mouse master premise that comes across, is totally lost in the whole boredom of things. See, even though we want to have fun slashing our furry claws across the face of oncomers, the sheer simplicity and repetition of the actions that are constantly thrown our way throughout, sees it struggle to appeal.

Drop in an aggravating instead of challenging AI system, infuriatingly slow dialogue exchanges, a number of glitches and some seriously short game time for the price asked, and Claws of Furry and it’s initially adorable inhabitants, quickly comes across as a tedious affair.

Moonfall Ultimate

moonfall ultimate xbox one

2D side-scroller? Check. Action-RPG elements? Check. Industrial gothic universe? Check, check, check. Moonfall Ultimate on the face of it looks pretty good.

In fact, taking the visuals and initial narrative, Moonfall Ultimate does the job intended of it. But then, very quickly, as the game kicks in to life, everything starts to fall apart.

Those visuals that were passable in static form turn into nothing but stilted animations and jerky movements, with the eye candy seemingly missing a frame or five with every action. The combat that should hold something like this together comes over as nothing but clunky too – mash a button, move about a bit, mash a button again, and just hope that you can find enough willpower within yourself to bother rinsing and repeating for the rest of eternity.

But it gets worse, and away from the visuals and combat, Moonfall Ultimate comes complete with poor audio and an interface system that is counter intuitive. In fact, the only saving grace of Moonfall Ultimate is the fact the lore behind it all seems to be decent.

When your quality control markers seem to run along the lines of “Does it run? Yes. Send it out!”, then you know something is wrong. And that’s exactly how Moonfall Ultimate is.


scalextric xbox one

Is Scalextric on Xbox One one of the worst racing games of 2018? Yes it is. In fact, it’s so bad that it really should be considered as one of the worst racing games ever. And when you think that this is a genre that isn’t lacking in numbers, that’s a bold statement to make.

You may well think there isn’t an awful lot that can be done to the phenomenon that is Scalextric, as it makes its way from the real world into the video gaming scene, and you’d probably be right – after all, 2 cars on slots going round and round a track forever more isn’t really a recipe for great gaming enjoyment. But c’mon, Scalextric deserves more than this. Doesn’t it?

Ear-piercing drones of the electric engines, lifeless visuals, framerate stutters and completely random gameplay in which the AI you find yourself up against will prove to be world beating one moment, and crashing off down the hallway in another, are all commonplace in this game – and none of it is nice.

Yes it is fun to kick back and create your own tracks – and it’s a lot less time-consuming than it is in real-life – but when the real fun of a game comes from just the building of tracks you are meant to enjoy racing around, then something is seriously wrong.

However that is the case here with Scalextric on Xbox One and the freedom to create childhood memories is no substitute for the train wreck found in the lack of ambition, or care taken with the gameplay, presentation or performance of this game. It rightly deserves its place on TheXboxHub’s worst Xbox One games of 2018 list.

So, there we have it – the worst Xbox One games of 2018. Did you have the misfortune of picking any of these up? Have we missed some utter rubbish out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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