train sim world 2 Hauptstrecke München Augsberg

When Dovetail Games decided to make the jump from the original Train Sim World up to the fancier, faster, more full-on Train Sim World 2, they promised that those who purchased the multiple DLC pieces available first time around would be sorted via the Preserved Collection. Once more we see a host of those original downloadable content drops now make their way to Train Sim World 2, alongside a new route for good measure.

The Preserved Collection ensures that anyone who purchased any of the DLC pieces that arrived for the original Train Sim World 2 can take their content over to Train Sim World 2 without fuss nor bother.

Already we’ve seen a few pieces make the transition, but now a whole ton of extras have also arrived. In fact, there are six packs available for action, with an additional one – Hauptstrecke München – Augsberg – also in place. If you’re looking to race through Bavaria and experience the hustle and bustle of modern commuting, this new route will be for you.

Of course, if you didn’t ever own the original Train Sim World and have only found Train Sim World 2 rolling into your station now, then you can also pick up any of the Preserved Collection packs for yourself – it’s just you’ll have to pay for them, and they ain’t cheap. 

Those wishing to enhance Train Sim World 2 on Xbox One, PS4 or PC with the latest content can do so by visiting their digital store of choice. For us that means paying a visit to the Xbox Store, where the following are now all available. Remember, they will be free to transfer if you previously owned them in Train Sim World, but if you are coming in new to the sequel, the asking prices come into play…

With multiple options available, and Train Sim World 2 already having provided a pretty damn great railway simulation – and now giving the chance to head to the Isle of Wight too – if you’re a railway fan, or are just looking for a new gaming experience, it’s certainly one to check out. 

Let us know in the comments what you think of these latest Preserved Collection pieces. Where will you be heading first?

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