xbox game pas additions july 2019

The start of the month is always a good time to keep an eye on the Xbox Game Pass situation, and July 2019 is no different. Today comes the news that a number of new games will be soon arriving into the Xbox Game Pass scheme, whilst 3 will leave. Want all the details?

So, July 2019 is looking like being a decent month for Xbox One and PC gamers, with the Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, the Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers receiving access to the following titles for no addition cost…

  • July 4th – Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Console, PC, Ultimate)
  • July 4th – My Time at Portia (Console, PC, Ultimate)
  • July 4th – Undertale (PC, Ultimate)
  • July 11th – Blazing Chrome (Console, PC, Ultimate)
  • July 11th – Dead Rising 4 (Console, PC, Ultimate)
  • July 11th – LEGO City Undercover (Console, Ultimate) July 11th – Unavowed (PC, Ultimate)

You may also see that the brilliant Timespinner is included on the image above. We’re currently looking for clarification on whether that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass scheme. 

But as always, the arrival of new games means some just have to leave – and if you are happy with that way of thinking then Slotsadviser may well be for you – this time round we’ll be seeing 3 drop out of the service. If you have been playing through the following, we advise you to either hurry things up and get a completion in, or push on through with a full purchase of…

  • July 31st – Defense Grid: The Awakening
  • July 31st – Hexic 2
  • July 31st – Iron Brigade

How does the Xbox Game Pass lineup for July 2019 look to you? Are these new additions something you are looking forward to? Are you dismayed at the removal of the other games? Let us know all your thoughts and comments in the section down below or via the usual social channels. We’d love to hear from you.

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