If you’ve got some veterans from the Command & Conquer era behind it, then chances are 8-Bit Armies will already have strong footings. Today, as a new gameplay trailer releases, the team at SOEDESCO have confirmed the release date.

Coming to Xbox One and PS4 on 21st September 2018, both in digital form and physical retail disc, 8-Bit Armies brings some fast-paced real time strategy to console. On that same date however, a physical PC version will also drop.

From C&C era vets at Petroglyph, 8-Bit Armies is a tribute to classic RTS games, bringing a game that is suitable for both existing fans and new players of the genre, especially those seeking a friendly approach to strategy gaming.

It brings with it a colourful, blocky voxel art style, with an original soundtrack from Command & Conquer composer Frank Klepacki, which is reminiscent of some of his greatest hits from previous Westwood Studios RTS games.

But what is 8-Bit Armies all about? Well, by using a unique and simplified control scheme any future generals will be able to quickly control hundreds of units on the brightly coloured battlefield, as you collect resources, build up and defend bases, amass armies of military units, research devastating superweapons and ultimately crush your opponents!

Features include:

  • Play with easy to understand military units and structures
  • Obliterate your enemies in a variety of colorful, destructible maps
  • Complete 40 single-player missions and 12 co-op missions
  • Compete in online multiplayer with up to five other players or AIs
  • Enjoy easy controls that are perfectly adapted to consoles

Are you excited by what it brings? Let us know down below once you’ve checked that trailer out!

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