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8-player online multiplayer free update set to hit Human: Fall Flat on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch in August


It’s the physics-based puzzle platformer that has taken the world by storm, but now comes the news that Human: Fall Flat will soon be bringing 8-player multiplayer support to console owners – for free.

Arriving as a free update on the 28th August 2018, Human: Fall Flat players on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch will now be able to get parity with their PC friends with an online multiplayer mode that has gone down a storm.

With Curve Digital placing the award winning Sumo Digital in charge of the multiplayer component, the update will allow players to create their own lobbies and invite up to seven friends to flounder their way through the campaign with them, as the gaggle of clumsy Bobs wobble about surreal environments full of physics-based puzzles.

“Human: Fall Flat has always been a blast to play by yourself, but bringing your friends into the mix is a real hoot,” said developer Tomas Sakalauskas. “You haven’t experienced all that Human: Fall Flat has to offer until you’ve seen seven of your mates awkwardly grope each other, trying to climb a rope. There’s nothing quite like it.”

Human: Fall Flat has already had a number of updates, but this promises to be the most exciting yet, and with the game having recently been included as an Xbox Game Pass title, there is little reason to not be looking to play it.

For more info about the game, you should have a little read of our review. Oh, and you should definitely watch the trailer below.

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