So, you’ve finally decided to replace your Xbox One and move on to the more advanced generation of the same platform? Congratulations on purchasing a brand new Xbox Series X!  

The new series doesn’t represent a revolution, but it definitely comes with a few convenient tweaks that make the device better and more functional than its predecessor. If you want to make the most of Xbox Series X, you should learn some tricks and hacks that take the platform to a higher level. 

We experimented with the console for quite a while, so let’s take a look at the nine most important Xbox Series X hacks you should try now!

  1. Upgrade Xbox Series X storage

The new Xbox series is proud of its 1 TB worth of storage space, but is it really enough for modern generations of games requiring more than 50 GB or even 100 GB? Our tip is to increase the overall storage of your Xbox Series X by inserting a USB hard drive. The console has three USB ports and one of them should be used for adding external storage. 

  1. Make use of the old cables

Owners of Xbox One X who decided to switch to the newer console will be happy to learn they can use the existing cables. As a matter of fact, you can even connect PS4 controller to your Mac or use the Xbox the same way. It is one of the simplest but also most useful hacks regarding Xbox Series X. 

  1. Sign up for live gaming

Another useful tip is to sign up for live gaming using at least one of three available packages: Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Each of these options comes with different live gaming features, but the bottom line is that you can play against millions of worldwide users online. At the same time, a monthly subscription will open doors to all kinds of promotions and bonuses.

  1. Idle options are adjustable

Every player takes a rest from time to time, which is why we encourage you to adjust idle options. You can do it in ‘preferences’ by opening the ‘idle options’ box. In this box, you can set a timer that dims the screen according to your preferences. The timer can go off anytime between two minutes and a full hour. 

  1. Customize screen colors

We have to admit that the Xbox comes with a bit of a blunt and boring color scheme, but the good thing is that we can customize it quickly. All it takes is to go to the main screen and tap the view button in order to see customization features. Use it to rearrange screen colors as you wish, while you can also declutter the home screen to make it more appealing. 

  1. Take advantage of game sorting

We find it very useful to filter and sort games based on different generations. As new consoles keep emerging, it’s getting increasingly difficult to filter through and distinguish between different game iterations. That’s why you should go to ‘my games and apps’ to select your favorite games and optimize the gaming experience for Xbox Series X/S games. 

  1. Sort all games alphabetically 

Players who test dozens of games (in other words, all players) often have a hard time finding a specific game due to the clutter. In such circumstances, it is always useful to sort games alphabetically. It’s a natural decision that helps you scroll down the game list quickly and intuitively. Of course, there are other ways to sort games, but we believe alphabetical order is definitely the most natural.

  1. Xbox Series X allows you to test Internet connections

The quality of online games logically depends on your Internet connection. That’s why Xbox Series X allows you to test your download speed. You can find this option in network settings → test network speed and statistics. The test itself won’t improve download speed, but it never hurts to know how your Internet really functions.  

  1. Don’t forget to take breaks

Finally, we believe no one should play video games non-stop. You have to take breaks from time to time, which is exactly why you should go to ‘preferences’ and activate the break reminder. It’s a super useful tool that rings a bell every time you are supposed to stretch your legs, grab a bite, or take a small walk to recover from long gaming sessions.

The Bottom Line

Xbox Series X is here and thousands of players have already purchased the new console. Although it doesn’t bring revolutionary changes to the gaming system, Xbox X is still different enough to demand small adjustments and some time to get used to the new settings.

After a thorough analysis of the device, we selected nine cool Xbox X hacks every user should try after setting up the console. Do your best to follow our recommendations – they will help you to make the most of Xbox Series X!