zombie army 4 shola dlc

We’ve only recently seen the conclusion to Zombie Army War 4’s Season 2 content drops, but that’s not stopping Rebellion from continuing on their march to global zombie domination as 9 brand new premium DLC packs arrive for use. 

We love Zombie Army 4: Dead War, so much so that the more content Rebellion push out for it, the better. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing arrive in-game right now with no less than 9 new premium DLC packs loading our team up with new headgear, new weapons, new skins, new outfits and more. 

Running additional price tags of either £2.49 or £3.29 depending on what you are looking to get to grips with, all of the following DLC packs are now available for purchase and addition into your base game of Zombie Army 4: Dead War. We’ll link you to the Xbox Store for ease of use, and so those blasting away undead brains on Xbox One or Xbox Series X, can go and fill their boots. Of course, if you’re playing Zombie Army 4 on a different format, then you’re pretty damn likely to find the exact same gear present there too. 

So what’s available? How do the following suit?

Should you be needing an extra hand in your quest to either finish the original campaign, to battle through either Season 1 or Season 2, or are just looking to prepare yourself for the new missions that are due to come, the new gear will no doubt be much appreciated. 

Let us know in the comments which bit you decide to pick up. We’re going for all of it – if only because that Classic Sports Headgear Bundle and Armour Plated Shola OUtfit just look so damn call. That and the fact that we’re obsessed with the game!

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