The Xbox marketplace is filled with games that are dirt cheap. And in fact in my attempt to organize this ‘best of’ list, I discovered something rather special – there are a lot of games that are under ten dollars/pounds! So this list is a varied collection of unique experiences; not necessarily the best, but all interesting, fun and cheap. These are 9 of the best Xbox One games you can pick up today for under a tenner and are a great way to spend a little bit of cash.

And if you’re after something even cheaper, you’ll also discover a number of titles available for under a fiver too.

Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon – £8.99

bloodstained curse of the moon xbox

Bloodstained: Curse of The Moon is an awesome 2D action platformer that delivers a massive throwback to the original Castlevanias. 

It has some excellently designed levels that are packed with creative enemies, and the bosses are massive and challenging. The music is awesome too; a collection of catchy tunes with the backdrop of beautifully pixelated levels.

Thomas Was Alone – £7.19

thomas was alone

Thomas Was Alone is Mike Bithell’s wonderful and emotionally touching little platformer. And, without doubt, it is a game that will steal your heart. 

It follows the story of Thomas and his friends as they try to help each other out. It’s an incredibly unique, innovative and minimalist puzzle platformer. The levels are creative and the game expands on itself to add new and unexpected challenges. 

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition – £6.39

another world xbox

Another World is an absolute classic, destined to go down in the history books of the video game industry. It is here where Eric Chahi created a game years ahead of its time; it is really the progenitor of cinematic experiences in video games. 

A platformer adventure game that is filled with lethal traps and tricks that often kill the player in one hit, Another World is nothing short of a thrilling experience. 

Goat Simulator – £7.99

goat sim

Who doesn’t know the internet sensation that is Goat Simulator? It was featured on countless videos when it was released and went viral in the gaming community. 

This is an absolutely hilarious experience that can offer hours of goofy fun. It contains an open world filled with physics based activities, that lets you play around in the surrounding areas as a goat.

It’s basically a giant ridiculous playground, and a toybox of ragdoll insanity. 

Slender: The Arrival – £7.99

slender the arrival

Slender: The Arrival is a great sequel to the original Slender game, improving on the experience in every single way. 

It’s a terrifying chase through a nightmarish woods, where you are tasked with completing objectives while horrible monsters try to kill you. It’s great fun to play by yourself in a dark room with headphones… if you can handle it.

Unmechanical: Extended Edition – £7.99


Unmechanical: Extended Edition is an absolutely cute and charming puzzle game that kind of fell off the radar, rather undeservedly. 

It’s set in a weird all-mechanical industrial world where you play as an adorable little flying robot. You can push, pull and grab objects that help you solve many ingenious and brain-bending puzzles. It’s excellently paced and a great way to spend an evening.

Oxenfree – £8.39


A deeply emotional narrative experience, Oxenfree is reminiscent of John Hughes’ movies mixed with some paranormal horror. 

The main gameplay is centred on exploring an island and having discussions with the various other characters, creating relationships and making important story choices. The narrative is touching and the endings are phenomenal.

Race The Sun – £7.99

race the sun

This is a cool arcade racer where you fly a futuristic plane that is constantly chasing the horizon.

The goal of Race the Sun is to see how far you can get without dying from the various obstacles that increase in difficulty the farther you get. The visuals are amazing, the music is deeply ambient and it’s the kind of game where you lose hours without even realizing.

Westerado: Double Barreled – £7.99


An open world western adventure that is filled with dynamic emergent gameplay and choices that affect the environment? That would be Westerado: Double Barreled. 

It’s a wild and crazy story that you follow, one that is filled with hilarious and insane events. The combat is very simple but some great fun nonetheless, and there are hours of gameplay because of the multiple different characters you can play as.

So, got a spare tenner? In need of a new game? You could do a whole ton worse than pick up any of those listed above. But let us know what you think – the comments section is down below and we’d love to hear your thoughts on cheap gaming!

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