Strong Moon Xbox

The moon is pretty strong; anything that can affect the tides from that far away must have some good pulling power. But exactly how strong is it? Can it dropkick a flying egg or punch a gorilla that’s on fire? Find out today in Strong Moon on Xbox.

You play as Strong Moon, who actually is an arthropod rather than a celestial being. On a mission to rescue your brother after he has been kidnapped, your journey will take across the planet Lunaria. Your brother has been kidnapped by an evil magician, one of those that has the really smug grins that you just want to punch off.

It is inspired by the cartoons of the ‘90s and from first observation you can see why. It plays like a 2D platformer/brawler but with a hugely diverse and unique looking supporting cast; you can see where the inspiration came from. I wonder if it has a suitably catchy theme tune to go along with it.

Your journey will take you to places with such puntastic names like Tupankamoon, Moontarctica and Krakamoon. There you will find plenty of allies and Moon Essence. This substance is used to beef up Strong Moons attacks.

If you like the sound of Strong Moon then there is a demo for you to try on the Xbox Store. As part of the Summer Games Fest 2022 line-up, it remains to be seen how long it is there for. But hopefully you can try before you buy.

If you just want to dive straight in, Strong Moon is up on the Xbox Store now priced at £11.99. And as always, stay tuned for our review coming soon.

Game description

Strong Moon is an action and adventure videogame inspired in the 90’s cartoons. Join our protagonist Strong Moon’s quest to find his weird brother, who was kidnapped by a deranged magician. Explore Lunaria’s planet and become stronger with new allies help, Moon Essence and our star’s mighty muscles… or rather, moon.

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