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Shred in style and earn V-Bucks with Fortnite’s The Lars Pack

Love it or hate it, Fortnite ain't going anywhere in a hurry, but with the plethora of new content packs which hit the game you can be sure it'll continually be kept fresh. The latest to drop into the action is that of The Lars Pack - and it'll let you shred things up in style, all whilst earning the finest V-Bucks.

The Fortnite Vox Hunter’s Quest Pack delivers further challenges, skins and free V-Bucks

We've told you many times how the power of the V-Buck is able to control the world, yet with the addition of the latest Fortnite DLC pack on the market, it's also one that is able to take charge of the virtual world too. Yep, the Fortnite - Vox Hunter's Quest Pack is here and it brings with it everyone's favourite digital avatar, along with a host of skins, challenges, quests and, most importantly, those free V-Bucks. 

Host of V-Bucks, X-Ray Tickets and more available in the Fortnite Lok-Bot Pack

We know what really makes the world go round. Yep V-Bucks! And with the arrival of the latest Fortnite DLC pack - the Lok-Bot Pack - those V-Bucks, X-Ray Tickets and more are in plentiful supply.

Control the island with Fortnite’s Dizzie’s Domain Pack and free V-Bucks

Think you've got what it takes to control the island? The Fortnite Dizzie's Domain Pack will certainly help you in your quest, particularly when it comes with a ton of gear and free V-Bucks in tow.

The new Snakes & Stones Challenge Pack brings V-Bucks and gear to Fortnite

Fortnite players love a bit of new gear, and they adore the chance to get their hands on some cheap and easy V-Bucks. Well, the Snakes & Stones Challenge Pack is full of both of those items, and it's available to purchase, download and add into your game right now.

Grab the Fortnite Robo-Ray DLC Pack and earn easy V-Bucks now!

Anyone who has picked up a controller or worked a keyboard and mouse in recent years will know all about Fortnite. A game that has taken the world by storm, powering streamers to new heights and giving regular gamers some acute hits, it's something which has managed to stay fresh no matter how many hours have been put in. Much of that has been down to the introduction of enhancements and amendments, with a slew of DLC packs keeping things tight. And that's where the Fortnite Robo-Ray DLC Pack comes in.

New Outfit, Back Bling and V-Bucks arrive with the Fortnite Hazard Platoon Pack

There are many ways to involve yourself in the wickedly magical world of Fortnite, but whatever you're doing it'll mostly involve you enjoying numerous Outfits, Back Blings and the spending of V-Bucks. That's what the new Fortnite Hazard Platoon pack deals in too - bringing forth a host of new options and additional V-Bucks to spend.

Fortune and V-Bucks favour the brave in the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack

Ensuring you are on the front foot in battle is probably the best way to find success in Fortnite. But if you need a helping hand nailing those objectives and proving your worth in the battle arena, the latest DLC arrival is well worth checking out. It could well be said that the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack will only really favour the brave - but if that's you then you could find your V-Bucks fortune.

Build em up, tear em down and earn V-Bucks with the new Fortnite Machinist...

The world of Fortnite is a never ending land of discovery. A land in which you show your skills to the world in the hope of coming out on top. Today, with the latest DLC pack for the game you can at least attempt to continue on your charge of Fortnite glory with the help of Machinist Mina and some glorious V-Bucks.

Football and Fortnite mashup? What more could you ask for!

There is no debate that football is the most loved of all global sports, and it's pretty much nailed on that Fortnite is a game that manages to deliver the same enthusiasm for many. So what happens when you find the Fortnite and footballing worlds combine? Well, for some, it's going to be a match made in heaven.

The Diamond Diva Pack brings extra sparkle to Fortnite

We've recently seen Fortnite players have the opportunity to gain The Last Laugh with a collaboration between Warner Bros, Epic Games and DC which drops in multiple DC Super-Villains. Now though it's time for things to really shine, sparkling bright with the Fortnite - The Diamond Diva Pack.

What are the Improvements Seen by Playing Fortnite on the New Xbox Series?

Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there and for that reason it is no surprise that it is one of the first in line to receive a next-gen upgrade.

Fortnite to come to Xbox Series X|S and PS5 with enhanced features and freebies

The arrival of the next-gen is just mere days away, but no matter whether you will be spending time with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or PS5, your Fortnite experience will continue to evolve. And once you make that jump, not only will you be looking at the standard next-gen upgrades taking hold, but all your progress from previous playtime will join you - as will a rather tasty freebie.

Celebrate Halloween by joining the Skull Squad in Fortnite

The witching season is upon us and it's time to embrace everything that goes bump in the night. And that is the case for Fortnite too as a brand new DLC pack rocks up. But will you be looking to join the Skull Squad?

Halloween festivities begin in Fortnite’s Fortnitemares 2020 event

Fortnite fanatics pay careful attention because the Fortnitemares event has made its grand return on all platforms, running until 3rd November. The Fortnitemares 2020: Midas’ Revenge event brings a host of Challenges, a special shadowy reincarnation and a special concert featuring J Balvin.

The Corrupted Legends come to Fortnite

The Street Serpents have ruled the land and the Samurai Scrappers have fought for all they are worth. Today though it's all about the Corrupted Legends as new DLC arrives in Fortnite.

Become a Samurai Scrapper with the latest Fortnite content

Not content with being the Batman, and not satisfied with the opportunity to take on the role of the Metal Team Leader? How does the chance to be a Samurai Scrapper sound to you? Well, that's the latest content drop that has hit the phenomenon that is Fortnite.

Super cheap, super sleek – The Street Serpent Pack comes to Fortnite

The world of Fortnite is an ever-changing one; complete with a host of customisation opportunities and even more gameplay choices. And those choices have today expanded some more with the arrival of The Street Serpent Pack.

The Nexus War begins as Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4 takes hold

You don't need me to tell you what an absolute smash Fortnite has become. Young and old, serious or casual, whatever your gaming style or needs, chances are Fortnite has drawn you in. Much of the reason for that is the constantly shifting goalposts as updates, new features and further opportunities arise. Much like what is happening now with the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 then - as Marvel Heroes and Villains join in the fun.

Keep on rolling with the Fortnite Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack

Thought you had everything that Fortnite had to offer? Considered yourself as one of the best kitted out players in the land? Think again as the Fortnite Derby Dynamo Challenge Pack is here!

Have The Last Laugh with a new Fortnite DC Super-Villains bundle

Fortnite. A game that has not just taken the gaming scene by storm, but seemingly the entire world. And come November it looks likely to hit even higher heights with the Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

Hawkeye, upcoming Beta details and Fortnite promotion revealed for Marvel’s Avengers

The second Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE stream has now taken place and in it we discovered Square Enix detailing a whole ton of new details about the game - most notably details on Hawkeye's story arc, a lovely Fortnite promotion and the upcoming Beta.

The Metal Team Leader Pack arrives for Fortnite on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

To mark the recent emergence of Fortnite from its ‘Early Access’ phase, Epic Games have launched the first instalment of the Save the World pack series, the Metal Team Leader Pack. But what will your hard earned cash get you by acquiring this pack on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC?

Sting like a bee with the Fortnite – The Yellowjacket Pack

Fortnite is all about customisation and over the months and years we've seen players given access to all manner of brilliant goodies, with additional skins, back blings, weaponry and more. Right now though it's about hitting hard and stinging like a bee with the stunning looking The Yellowjacket Pack.



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