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Titan Comics and Square Enix to collaborate for Life is Strange comics

It’s been announced that Titan Comics are working with Square Enix to launch a Life is Strange mini-series and it’s coming at some point this year. Would you like to know more?

Life Is Strange: “Strings” Issues #9-12 Comic Review

The Life Is Strange franchise continues to flourish, in both the gaming medium and that of the comic book world. As such, the ongoing series from Titan Comics has already reached its third major story arc involving the protagonists of the original game, Max Caulfield and Chloe Price. The latest narrative arc, titled “Strings”, spans a total of four issues of the Life Is Strange comics and they’re all now available for perusal. So let’s find out whether Life Is Strange Issues #9-12 are as gripping and dramatic as those that have come before it.

Life is Strange Issue #9 – Comic Review

With two major story arcs under their belt already, the team behind Titan Comics' Life is Strange series - Emma Vieceli, Claudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo – are back to deliver more. The main protagonists, Max and Chloe, have been through so much on this long and arduous journey through life and alternate timelines, but now we’re about to see which direction Life is Strange Issue #9 is going to take; kicking off the third narrative arc.

Life is Strange Issue #8 – Comic Review

When I first heard about Titan Comics publishing a mini-series to provide a continuation of the narrative for Life is Strange, I could’ve never imagined it’d become an ongoing series and be able to hook in readers for the long haul. But now, as we reach the final part of the second major story arc in Life is Strange Issue #8, Max and Chloe’s journey looks seemingly endless. It’s time to find out how events will unfold in order to both create a fitting conclusion and leave the door ajar for the next chapter.

Life is Strange Issue #7 – Comic Review

The second story arc for the Life is Strange comic series from Titan Comics has almost reached its climax, with the penultimate issue now in hand to deliver more dramatic goings on for Max and Chloe. It’s been a bit of a slow-burner so far, but the ‘Waves’ narrative really needs to turn things up a notch for Life is Strange Issue #7 in order to ensure the reader checks out the final instalment. Has it succeeded in doing so though?

Life is Strange Issue #6 – Comic Review

Titan Comics are back once again with another instalment of their always dramatic, and often mysterious, comic series based on the Life is Strange universe. Life is Strange Issue #6 is a continuation of the ‘Waves’ story arc, which features the main protagonist Max Caulfield alongside best friend Chloe as she deals with all manner of predicaments caused by her prior time-bending actions. So what has the latest issue got in store for us this time and, more importantly, is it worth a read?

Life is Strange Issue #5 – Comic Review

The Life is Strange comic series from Titan Comics, which is based on the episodic video game of the same name, was originally meant to be a mini-series consisting of only four issues. Needless to say, it clearly did well enough to earn the opportunity to continue the narrative further, with a fresh story arc titled ‘Waves’ arriving that focuses on the time-bending Max Caulfield and her best pal, Chloe Price, once more. So, without any more delay, let’s delve into Life is Strange Issue #5 and find out if it’s going to be making some waves on the comic book scene.

Life is Strange Issue #4 – Comic Review

When Titan Comics initially unveiled their comic adaptation of the hit Life is Strange video game, it was expected to be a four-part mini-series....

Life is Strange Issue #3 – Comic Review

We’re over the halfway mark for the first story arc of Titan Comics’ Life is Strange comic series and so far it’s been a joy to read, rekindling the emotional investment many of us made when playing the video game series. With Life is Strange Issue #3 now here, a lot of questions are yet to be answered, but there’s also a need to ensure enough of a hook is present to reel readers back in for the upcoming conclusion. So let’s find out whether the turbulent life of Max and Chloe continues to impress, or if the time-bending novelty has worn off.

Life is Strange Issue #2 – Comic Review

The original video game series of Life is Strange captivated its players when it released a few years, so much so that it led to a prequel and a sequel set in the same universe. Titan Comics have recently published the first part of a comic mini-series too; featuring the memorable protagonists of the original Life is Strange, Max and Chloe. Now we’re here to check out Life is Strange Issue #2 to discover if the relatively slow start can pick up some pace and subsequently manage to fully rekindle the magic we once felt.

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