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NBA 2K24 Review

Missing legend aside, NBA2K24 is a worthwhile upgrade for fans of 2K23. 2K’s yearly package is full to the brim with options

NBA 2K23 Review

This is one of the most complete sports games on the market and you will not be disappointed with NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K22 Review

NBA 2K22 is a great basketball game. In fact it's probably the best basketball game out there and actually hitting the court and playing games is thrilling, exciting, and looks brilliant. And alongside that, MyNBA will eat away at your life; fantastically detailed and absorbing, while MyTEAM will cater to the many. It’s only MyCAREER which lets it down

NBA 2K21 Next Generation Review

NBA 2K21 Next Generation on Xbox Series X is a great addition to an already packed amount of content. It’s visually more stunning than anything that has come before it, with a complete sheen to the gameplay and stunning work in how the players move and react. Everything is just topped off by some amazing work in the audio department.

NBA 2K21 Review

NBA 2K21 on Xbox One is a brash, flashy and powerful game that has a huge array of toys to play with, as well as a powerful toy-kit to make it more your own too. Whilst there are micro-transactions within, the patient player can just grind their way to the top.

NBA 2K20 Review

2K is back with the latest instalment of the NBA series, NBA 2K20, and as with every release, 2K never exactly reinvents the wheel. They don't need to though as the wheel they already have is fantastic. However, with the constant demand for ever realistic simulation, graphical improvement and new game modes, they always find ways to add something new and get the fans talking.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Review

From publishers 2K comes the latest installment of the more outrageous basketball game - NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. It's a game that doesn't take itself too seriously and is almost a homage to the NBA Jam games from many years ago. It's silly and it's clearly not trying to compete with its more realistic 2K19 counterpart. But, is it a bit of fun on the side, or is it just too ridiculous?

NBA 2K19 Review

It's been an entire year since 2K last brought out a domineering basketball simulator, another year since since I played an outstanding story mode and another year since I played as my beloved team in franchise mode, soared my way through the playoffs and won the league. Now NBA 2K19 is finally here, I couldn't wait to see how on earth they've managed to make the latest iteration even better.

NBA 2K18 Review

The art of shooting hoops is enjoyed by millions around the globe, with many of them no doubt getting hooked during the popularity boosting Michael Jordan era and even more embracing the new wave of stars like the NBA 2K18 cover athlete Kyrie Irving. My slight interest in basketball as a viewer however comes mainly from watching Bugs Bunny and co. in Space Jam, which isn’t really the same as watching real NBA action. In the gaming world though I’ve been partial to the NBA 2K series, and after skipping a few iterations, I’m now venturing into NBA 2K18 after much anticipation. But can it deliver authenticity without comprising on the fun factor? And will the brand new features help to enhance the overall NBA 2K18 experience?

NBA 2K17 Review

I like basketball; I might even love it. But I can’t play it, and I don’t pretend that I can. I can’t shoot, layup, jump or dunk; so, in that regard, the 2K NBA series has been my conciliation. So I’ve played a bit of 2K NBA over the years – maybe more than is healthy. But every time a new instalment releases, I realise that there are parts of the old game that I still haven’t played, and there are parts of the new one that I feel like I already have.

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