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Latest free DLC brings a new bike and events for Ride 3

If you’ve spent any time with Milestone’s Ride 3, then you will know that it’s a great two-wheeled racing experience that’s regularly been bolstered by new content ever since its release. And now there’s yet more DLC to grab, courtesy of the Ride 3 Free Pack 12, which as you might guess, arrives at no extra cost.

New paid DLC adds Street Racing machines to RIDE 3

We're not sure exactly when Milestone are going to stop delivering new content to the brilliant RIDE 3, but in the meantime, we're certainly going to embrace what they do send our way. Today, hot on the heels of the latest free pack for the game comes the addition of some paid content - content which sends us the way of the Street Racing scene.

Latest Ride 3 pack brings yet more free DLC

If you're a motorbike rider and have spent time with Milestone's Ride 3, then you will know all about the brilliant experience it delivers. You will however also know that since the launch of the game back in 2018 there have been a whole host of additions rolling along on a near weekly basis. And the latest of those additions is now here with the Ride 3 Free Pack 11.

Latest RIDE 3 DLC takes us back to basics!

We've already been treated to more DLC than we could have ever imagined, but now it's time to take the RIDE 3 experience right back to basics, with the RIDE 3 - Back to Basic DLC.

New Ducati hits RIDE 3 for free!

We love free content and one of the games that has been found delivering that the most is Milestone's RIDE 3. In fact, since launch back in November 2018, it is a game that has been hit with a slew of new content packs, both of the paid and free variety. Today though it's all about the freebies and the RIDE 3 - Free Pack 10 is here to deliver the goods.

5 new bikes speed on to RIDE 3 thanks to the new Racing Pack DLC

After having been given access to a whole host of new paid and free DLC packs, it could well be said that RIDE 3 players are more than sorted in terms of machines to race, with pretty much every bike type you could wish to imagine now in place. But that's not going to stop Milestone from delivering even more content if they can and on the day that the studio release their latest racer - MotoGP 19 - they are found once more pushing out new bikes to the brilliant RIDE 3, all courtesy of the Racing Pack.

More free content hits RIDE 3 with Free Pack 9

You've gotta give it to Milestone for they are certainly no slouches in the DLC department, with a huge range of both paid and free content having hit RIDE 3 since the release of the base game back in November of 2018. And today we see that content enhanced once more with the arrival of the RIDE 3 - Free Pack 9.

Go naked with the latest RIDE 3 DLC

Running full leathers, a decent lid and enough protection to ensure you are safe should the worst happen are gimmes in the bike world; in fact, you'll not wish to even consider going naked on a bike. But hey, that doesn't stop us from wanting to strip back the cosmetic additions that have been added to our machines over the years and sometimes going naked is the only way to live life. That is what we are seeing occur today in RIDE 3 too, with the arrival of the latest DLC pack - RIDE 3 - Naked Bikes Pack.

RIDE 3 gets more free content wth Free Pack 8

It's fast bordering on the insane, but there shouldn't be a gamer out there who doesn't like new content - particularly when it is free. And that means grabbing a download of the RIDE 3 - Free Pack 8 DLC is a bit of a no-brainer.

Latest RIDE 3 DLC brings 5 new Limited Models

Depending on your point of view, you may love or hate RIDE 3 and the multitude of DLC packs that have arrived for it. And with that in mind, you're either going to be purchasing the Limited Models DLC for RIDE 3 immediately, or running to hide from yet another content pack.

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