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The final free DLC pack for RIDE 4 is here!

We made it. Nearly a year after launch of RIDE 4 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, and a whole multitude of paid and free DLC offerings filling out the base game, we've finally reached the end of the content drops. And how to best celebrate? Well, Milestone Studios are throwing out another free DLC pack for their motorcycle racer with the RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 14. 

RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 13 throws out another free and exclusive bike

Slowly but surely the planned DLC additions for RIDE 4 are coming to a close, as Milestone Studios prepare to look ahead. For now though it's all about the freebies, and with RIDE 4's Bonus Pack 13 those freebies are pretty damn hot. 

The Italian Style rolls out onto RIDE 4 once more with a second DLC offering

RIDE 4 riders have had a multitude of chances to enhance their base game over the months, with free and paid downloadable content dropping out of the Milestone Studios team with immense regularity. One of those packs - the Italian Style Pack 1 - delivered us some of the most gorgeous bikes to date. But now there's another option for lovers of Italy as the Italian Style Pack 2 drops a load more culture to the motorcycling world. 

Bonus Pack 12 brings a new bike and events to RIDE 4

When RIDE 4 released at the back end of 2020 few could have imagined the amount of love it would gather up, not just in terms of that of the fans, but from the development team behind it; a team that has continued to push out new content for the motorcycle racer on a near weekly basis. That additional content continues to drop too, this time in the form of the RIDE 4 - Bonus Pack 12 - the latest of the free offerings for the game.

Ride out with the Street Kings in RIDE 4

RIDE 4 is well known as one of the premier motorcycle racing titles available on console - but it's also known as a game which is constantly kept fresh via new DLC additions. That's the case once more as the Street Kings ride out.

New free Bonus Pack 11 rolls out for RIDE 4

It's been a whole three weeks since Milestone Studios last delivered a free Bonus Pack to RIDE 4 racers, allowing their playerbase to expand their bike and event roster for no extra cost. If we're honest, we thought perhaps that after 10 packs, the slew of free content had begun to dry up. But no and right now the RIDE 4 - Bonus Pack 11 is available for download.

Feel the speed with the RIDE 4 Power Naked DLC

Milestone Studios continue to treat us gamers in the very best of ways. After filling out the RIDE 4 bike roster with all manner of free and paid bikes and tracks, you could forgive them for taking a few weeks off to enjoy the madness of E3. But no, and once again it's RIDE 4 players who are benefiting from the kindness of the Italian dev team as the Power Naked pack drops into game, delivering riders the opportunity to really feel the speed a bunch of new machines and events can allow.

The free RIDE 4 – Bonus Pack 10 adds in another new and exclusive bike and events

Milestone have finally done it - they've reached double figures with their free Bonus Pack add-ons for the brilliant RIDE 4. And yep, as with the previous nine offerings that have come out of the Italian based studio, the RIDE 4 - Bonus Pack 10 brings a new bike and new events for riders to enjoy.

Pay tribute to the USA with the latest RIDE 4 bikes and events

We won't sit here and tell you how Milestone Studios just love to deliver new content to their players, and we won't tell you just how good RIDE 4 is as a motorcycle racer - we feel that both of those statements are commonplace in the gaming community. What we will tell you though is that there is another DLC pack available for RIDE 4, and this one lets you pay the ultimate tribute to the USA.

Even more free DLC comes to RIDE 4

At some point in time Milestone Studios are going to quit on expanding their brilliant motorcycle racer, RIDE 4. But until that time, we'll continue to adore the free content that keeps coming our way - just like it is with Bonus Pack 09.

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