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Looking Back to 2010 and Rock Band 3 – the First Death of Rock...

Hopefully time will be kind to Rock Band 3. It’s the equivalent of a Blade Runner or Van Gogh, unappreciated and undersold in its own time, but something that has undeniable quality. We may never see another Rock Band, no encore to this great series, but in Rock Band 3 and Rock Band 4, we got some pretty awesome final tracks.

Looking Back to 2015 and Rock Band 4 – the Second Death of Rock...

In hindsight, it’s easy to see Rock Band 4 as the encore for the series - one last song before the franchise left the stadium. But rather than being the belter, the anthem that got everyone singing, it was like finishing with an album track. Sure, it was good to see the band coming back onto the stage, but, well, we were hoping for something a little more memorable.

Fake Problems and A Day to Remember join the Rock Band 4 library

Looking for some new additions in terms of the songs found in Rock Band 4? Additions that will ensure you're able to get the band back together for some hardcore jamming sessions? Today we see Fake Problems and A Day to Remember musical melodies arrive in the library.
green day

Green Day and Weezer bring 2 new tracks to Rock Band 4

The start of any new year is an exciting time for many, especially those gamers looking for new content, and it is no different with the arrival of 2020. Thankfully though, as te new year kicks in, those found frequenting the musical melodies of Rock Band 4 now have more reason to drop back in and get the band back together with the arrival of two new tracks - with Green Day and Weezer providing the goods.

Latest Rock Band 4 DLC picks 3 crackers from Apple Music’s New Rock List

There is no debate that Rock is alive and well, but in amongst the classics are a number of bands attempting to break into the industry, getting their name out there and starting to appeal to a range of music lover. And that is where the latest DLC for Rock Band 4 comes from, as the team at Harmonix pick three cracking new tunes from the latest Apple Music The New Rock list.

Asking Alexandria headline the latest Rock Band 4 DLC

Should you be in short supply of songs, Harmonix have you covered with loads of Rock Band 4 DLC ready to purchase, including the two latest additions to arrive from Asking Alexandria. Want to know what tracks they are?

New Rock Band content drops include The Hold Steady and Sea Wolf

Much of the draw of gaming is that from one week to the next the gaming landscape can change considerably. That is never more true than with the introduction of numerous downloadable content additions, with many games gathering up extras at a fair old rate of knots. One of those is most definitely the party favourite, Rock Band 4, and today we see two new bands arrive, providing access to a couple of new tunes for gamers to enjoy.

Become a Champion with the latest Rock Band 4 content drop

The Rock Band 4 digital library is one that continues to grow and evolve by the week, with new downloadable content pieces arriving to constantly fill gamers rocking needs. The latest content drop to hit Rock Band 4 on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 comes about via the likes of Bishop Briggs, Illenium and Jon Bellion.

Feed your Frankenstein as Alice Cooper and Slipknot deliver the latest Rock Band content

If there is any time of year when you should be feeding Frankenstein, it is as the Halloween season gets into full swing. And should you be a Rock Band 4 player on Xbox One or PS4, then that opportunity is coming round right now.

It Might be Right that White Reaper are headlining the latest Rock Band DLC

If you're after something raw, something energetic, and something new to ensure you can get the band back together again then heading back into Rock Band 4 with the latest set of DLC additions could well be the best course of action - for it delivers not just a couple of great bands, but a good old smattering of garage rock in the process.

Brace yourself for a Five Finger Death Punch with the latest Rock Band 4...

Each and every week, Harmonix ensure they deliver a selection of DLC tracks to add to your ever-growing playlist in Rock Band 4. The latest batch of tracks are here and they’re looking to give us a double dose of heavy metal from Five Finger Death Punch.

Rock Band 4 players can now tread the Highway to Oblivion with the latest...

The hotly anticipated new album from British power metal band DragonForce is fast approaching and before we know it we'll be able to listen in to the wonders of Extreme Power Metal. But if you're a Rock Band 4 player, then the opportunity to grab your mates and head into the world of extreme metal comes early, with DragonForce's latest single - Highway to Oblivion - headlining the latest batch of Rock Band 4 DLC.

Two returning artists contribute once more to the Rock Band 4 library!

Rock Band fans are no stranger to downloadable content additions hitting the latest edition of their game, and this week is no different with a couple more tunes added to the library... from a duo of returning artists.

3 Inches of Blood and The Word Alive bring some metal to Rock Band...

This week sees another trio of tunes released for us to get our hands on, with 3 Inches of Blood and The World Alive featuring to ensure there’s more of a focus on the metal genre. But don’t worry if you prefer something a little softer, as The Head and the Heart have a track out too.
oliver tree

Latest Rock Band 4 DLC sees Oliver Tree make his debut

He's only been frequenting the music scene for the last few years, but after going viral back in 2017, and then signing to Atlantic Records, has found the fame and fortune he was always after. Now though Oliver Tree is hitting the real big time, moving into the gaming space and seeing one of his biggest hits arrive in Rock Band 4.
all that remains undone

All That Remains once again lead the Rock Band 4 DLC charge

If you're a fan of All That Remains, and enjoy the metal madness that the Massachusetts band create, then you'll already know all about the multiple song entries that the band have had added to both Rock Band 4 and Rocksmith over the months. Well, there's even better news as the latest tunes to hit Rock Band 4 once again see the band front and centre, as they are joined by a couple of others who are delivering a variety of musical melodies.
blink 182 band

Blink-182 headline the latest Rock Band 4 DLC additions

It's fast becoming the norm to see a triple set of new tunes hit the Rock Band 4 library, and a week after seeing the likes of All That Remains, Of Monsters and Men and Between the Buried and Me provide new tests of skills, once more a trio of songs emerge - this time with the awesome Blink-182 headlining.

All That Remains and Of Monsters And Men featured in a trio of new...

Each and every week, Rock Band 4 developers Harmonix release even more tracks to bolster their ever-growing DLC library. There are three new songs this week to rock out to, so All That Remains is to find out exactly which ones you can now get your hands on.
rock band 4 all that remains

Trio of new bands and songs arrive in Rock Band 4

We've seen a whole host of new content arrive into the Rock Band library over the weeks and months, pushing forward numerous opportunities for band members to get back together for a bit of a session. This week is no different, except for the fact that the usual double act of tunes that arrive has been increased to a trio of tracks, with songs from All That Remains, Stroke 9, and The Revivalists contributing some of their back catalogue.
jonas brothers

New Spotlight Pass, Jonas Brothers and Panic at the Disco content comes to Rock...

It's a big old week for Rock Band 4 players as not only do we see the arrival of Season 12 of the Spotlight scheme, but a couple of new tunes also arrive in the library, courtesy of the Jonas Brothers and Panic at the Disco.
chiodos rock band 4

Chiodos and Amberian Dawn drop new Rock Band 4 DLC tracks

Another week passes and yet more DLC drops onto the Rock Band 4 library. This time round we see a couple of tunes arrive, with one each coming from Chiodos and Amberian Dawn.
unearth rock band 4

Unearth and After the Burial deliver new Rock Band 4 tunes

Ready to get your fingers bleeding? Unearth and After the Burial have dropped a couple of new tunes on to Rock Band 4 - and you can be sure these will give you a bit of a test!
sleeping with sirens band

Pair of new American Rock tracks blast on to Rock Band 4

The last set of new tunes to hit Rock Band 4 on Xbox One and PS4 covered a variety of bases, giving fans of a number of genres the chance to find reason once more to drag the band back together. But that was then, and this is now, and the latest double pack of tunes to hit the game bring good old American rock to the masses.
rock band 4 suicide silence

Latest Rock Band 4 content brings more metal, deathcore and indie tunes!

There's a real mix of tunes hitting the Rock Band 4 airwaves this week, with a trio of songs coming about via the heavy metal, deathcore and indie genres, to ensure that there is quite possibly something for everyone.



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