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Slew of new Cities: Skylines DLC bring new visual and audio delights to your...

Cities: Skylines is most certainly one of the best city sim styled titles available today. Yes it can be daunting, with the huge range of options available to players taking some getting used to, but once you begin to embrace the power that you have, will discover a universe that is absolutely ripe for reaping. That universe continues to get better too, and today, on the back of PDXCON Remixed, Cities: Skylines has received a whole host of new great content.

New Cities: Skylines content takes us to Sunset Harbor as additional radio stations and...

When Cities: Skylines launched on Xbox One in 2017 we could never have imagined the slew of content packs that would continue post-launch. But over the months and years we've been treated to a host of new content opportunities with the overall experience being enhanced massively. But Paradox Interactive aren't done yet as today they have dropped three more DLC packs - covering the Sunset Harbor, a new radio station and even further content creator options.

Tis the free DLCeason as Carols, Candles and Candy hit Cities: Skylines

Playing through Cities: Skylines on Xbox One and PS4 when it first launched ensured that you would have been provided with a huge, massively deep, city building experience. But since those initial times, the game has been hit with a multitude of DLC packs, both in terms of paid and free goodies, building on things even more. Today, it is the latter we are seeing once more with the arrival of the free Holiday themed Carols, Candles and Candy content pack.

Things will be great when you go Downtown with the latest Cities: Skylines DLC

Petula Clark once sang about how you could forget all your troubles, and put to one side all your cares, and that is exactly what the latest Cities: Skylines content will allow you the chance to do, as the opportunity arises to go Downtown.

Cities: Skylines – Campus Review

Perhaps there is nothing groundbreaking to be had here with the Cities: Skylines Campus addition, as it fails to ever really change the dynamics of the nature of the game, but it does add a whole bundle of new content - and that is especially important if you are after a new challenge and want to make your favourite city the smartest in the world.

Head back to school as Cities: Skylines gets Campus, University and Radio Expansions

The world of Cities: Skylines never sleeps, with the standard base game which released on console back in 2017 having gone through a number of expansions and additions. Today though we have the opportunity to head back to school as three new content packs hit home, providing access to the Campus, University City and a new Radio Station.

Cities Skylines – Industries Review

If you're looking for an extra bit of challenge to your Cities: Skylines game then with Industries you're in for a treat.
cities skylines synthetic radio

New free and paid DLC brings industry, radio and pandas to Cities: Skylines

The world of Cities: Skylines has allowed many opportunities. See, we've already been able to visit the wonders of Parklife, ensure that our Green Cities cater for all citizens, marvel at the powers of the Mass Transit System, and even take in multiple Natural Disasters or enjoy the cool Snowfall air. Today though we see more options hit home, with a triple showing of paid and free DLC packs enabling Cities: Skylines players the chance to harness their industries, listen in on the most far-out radio station so far, or even just take a trip to the local panda zoo!
cities skylines parklife

Expand Cities: Skylines on Xbox One with two new DLC packs

They were promised to arrive as part of the Season 2 content drops, and right now we are seeing Paradox Interactive deliver on that promise, providing two new DLC packs to the Cities: Skylines experience on Xbox One.
cities skylines mayors edition

Cities: Skylines on Xbox One expands with new bundles and DLC

It's been nearly 2 years since we first saw Cities: Skylines hit console with the Xbox One Edition, and in that time we've seen the city sim/builder go from strength to strength. Now though it's time for Cities: Skylines to really kick on, with the introduction of a brand new bundle and new DLC.

Cities: Skylines – Mass Transit Review

It’s always strange to go back to a city you’ve built and cared for after a sixth-month break, discovering the state that it's in. I expected it to carry on without my steady hand of guidance to develop into a striving world-class city, with statues of me in every town square. And when I appear again there would be celebrations in the streets and festivals dedicated to my good work and deeds. Alas, in Cities: Skylines none of this has come true; I've still got a problem with sewage pipes and people hated the new park I built because it’s next to a factory. Perhaps it's time to start all over again.

Harness the Mass Transit system of Cities: Skylines’ new DLC

Ever since the arrival of Cities: Skylines back in April of 2017, console gamers the world over have had the chance to build the city of their dreams, micro-managing every last element down to the minutest of details. Now though those details are getting even more intense as the arrival of a full-on Mass Transit system takes hold. 

2 new premium DLC packs drop in to Cities: Skylines on Xbox One

Cities: Skylines on Xbox One gives you the chance to build the city of your dream, leaving you to deal with road planning, keeping your citizens needs in hand, and driving tourism to ensure the cash continues to roll in. You may well have thought that with numerous DLC packs having arrived for action over the months since release, Cities: Skylines couldn't expand any further. But you'd be wrong as today we see two new DLC packs drop in. They aren't cheap though!

Praise the creators with the latest Cities: Skylines DLC Pack

If you've been sat with your console casting a beady eye towards the PC world and the brilliance of SimCity, then you may well have been left rather jealous. But where console players can't currently enjoy creating forever more with SimCity, the launch of Cities: Skylines at the start of 2017 ensured that a similar experience could well be undertaken. Now that Cities: Skylines adventure is growing - and it's all thanks to the brilliant community that helps push it along. 

Cities: Skylines – Snowfall Review

When you think of a town or city drenched in snow, your heart generally skips a beat and you instantly feel warm, cosy and a bit Christmassy. Or is that just me? The twinkling lights and magical streets filled with a blanket of pure white heaven is not just superb, but hugely enticing. What you don’t think about though are the heating problems, the amount of electricity needed to keep the lights in action and the constant surge in power that starts to cause problems for the economy; let alone having to worry about keeping the roads clear as it keeps bloody snowing all the time? AHHHHH... damn you winter. But welcome to the wonderful world of Snowfall.

Live the high life with a high price in the Premium Edition of Cities:...

City management titles aren't exactly commonplace on Xbox One, but one option you do have is to head on down to the big smoke with Cities: Skylines. And today, Skylines has got itself some all new content alongside a Premium Edition - but you'll need a fair old whack of spare cash for utter enjoyment to be able to take hold.

Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition Review

I’m having a really bad day. My water pumping system is making everyone ill and the electricity supply hasn’t enough power for the growing needs of my city. But if I change to coal there will be an environmental backlash. The crime rate is rising and every time I raise those much needed taxes to counter it, the people start to revolt. I have a major garbage problem, there are constant fires, not enough jobs and I am now praying for an asteroid to come down and wipe out my little city. If only so I can start again with a fresh canvas. It’s hard being in charge of everything, and that is the lesson I am learning while playing Cities Skyline.

Cities: Skylines brings the finest city management to Xbox One

Cities: Skylines is the cult hit city management sensation that brought the shine back into simulation games back in 2015... and now, it's available on Xbox One.

DC League of Super-Pets revealed for PC and console

It's DC weekend and that means a host of DC related goodies are being thrust before our eyes. One of the most interesting though - mostly as it tries a different tact - is the reveal of DC League of Super-Pets.

Embrace the minimalist strategy of ISLANDERS Console Edition on Xbox and PlayStation

We're no strangers to seeing critically acclaimed games roll from one format to another, but after picking up some serious love on PC and Nintendo Switch in recent times, the minimalist strategic calls of GrizzlyGames' and Coatsink's city-builder ISLANDERS Console Edition has made a move onto Xbox and PlayStation. 

Cheap gaming options await with the Xbox Deals With Gold Sale for 10th-16th August...

There is only one thing better than having plenty of gaming options on the table. Super cheap gaming options being on that same table. And that's where the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale comes in, happily rocking up each and every week to deliver a multitude of gaming opportunities to Xbox players - all for a super low price. The latest sale, that for the 10th-16th August 2021 is now in place, and once more there are all manner of cut-price games ready to pick up.

Imagine Earth Review

Imagine Earth is immensely enjoyable. The game modes on offer are good and the campaign is excellent. But above all else a good sim game should be easy to use, addictive to play, and it should always make you feel like you want to play it more and more. Imagine Earth ticks all those boxes.

Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts – 22nd-28th June 2021

Should you not be fussed by the plethora of new titles that are set to arrive on Xbox in the coming weeks, and prefer to save a bit of cash as you go, the older games are where it is at. And with the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 22nd-28th June 2021, you can grab those older titles at heavily reduced prices.

Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts – 18th-24th May 2021

It's that time again; the time when the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale pops up and offers Xbox gamers the chance to fill their digital gaming libraries with a plethora of brilliantly discounted titles on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox 360. The sale for the 18th-24th May 2021 is continuing the trend of throwing out a host of great discounts too. The only question is this... what will you be picking up this week?



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