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Tactical top-down shooter SYNTHETIK: Ultimate gets a console release date

After spending a couple of years on PC, the rogue-lite, pretty hardcore shooter SYNTHETIK is ready to be unleashed in its ultimate form, containing a shed load of content. That’s right, developers Flow Fire Games have officially confirmed SYNTHETIK: Ultimate for a 16th December release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

First gameplay trailer for upcoming top-down shooter Uragun revealed!

Kool2Play Studios are looking to release their top-down shooter, Uragun, to Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2020, promising to deliver all kinds of pure mayhem. Today though they have released the very first trailer for the game, showcases the story, gameplay and more.

Brutal top-down shooter God’s Trigger descends onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Prepare to rain down fire onto the masses with the utter carnage from the latest frenetic top-down shooter, God’s Trigger, out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to wield both heavenly and hellish powers, then this could be of interest to you.

Be the JYDGE as 10tons prepares to drop a new top-down shooter onto Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Did you enjoy Neon Chrome? Do you have a liking for the games that come out of the 10tons studio? You'll no doubt love their latest announcement.

Top-down arcade shooter RoboPhobik arrives with 70s sci-fi vibes on Series X|S and Xbox One

It’s been a while since Haruneko Entertainment released a game on console, in fact, the rather enjoyable action-platformer Amazing Princess Sarah is their most recent foray and that was back in 2016. Nevertheless, they’re here now with a 70s sci-fi inspired, top-down arcade shooter in the form of RoboPhobik on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Final Shot – The Ultimate Xbox Shooter Experience?

You've probably got your own favourites when it comes to the plethora of shooters available on the Xbox store. But now there's a new option as Final Shot arrives on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Is this the ultimate shooter experience it promises to be?

Wardens Rising is a new multiplayer hero shooter – set for launch in 2024

You've probably not heard of Big Moxi Games, but it is they who are looking to hit the big time with the launch of a new multiplayer hero shooter in 2024. That game? Wardens Rising on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Anvil, the sci-fi action shooter blasts onto Xbox, Game Pass and Steam in Early Access

Call it Early Access, call it Game Preview, call it what you want in fact, but the truth of the matter is that any game going into the numerous early access schemes that are available in the gaming world should be seen as a wonderful chance for gamers; one that can help shape a game's future, giving feedback and constructive criticism to the dev teams that are looking for it. The latest, Anvil, is a top-down, sci-fi action shooter, and it's blasting its way into Xbox Game Preview, Steam Early Access and good old Xbox Game Pass.

Cooperative twin-stick shooter TwinCop takes aim on Xbox One

Cooperative gaming experiences are fast becoming the norm, with many developers deciding upon that route in order to enhance what is otherwise a singular experience. But with TwinCop, cooperation is the only way to get by, as you and a mate team up to take control of a twin-stick shooting super-cop, combining your skills and working together to take on the dastardly crims.

See red with Destropolis on Xbox

In need of a new top-down shooter in which you get to destroy anything and everything as you see fit? You got it with the release of Destropolis on Xbox. 

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