Mages, Warriors and Knights, behold the release of the Villainous Update for Portal Knights and prepare to venture to the dark side with new threats emerging in the realm of Elysia. Only the bravest will reap the rewards of the new content.

The ‘Villainous Update’ looks to bring even more excitement to the creative adventures found in Portal Knights on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. New threats have been introduced in the form of three ferocious bosses to defeat – Slime Queen, Knight Hunter and All-Watcher – and doing so will ensure you’re rewarded handsomely. Then there’s the new Ranger’s Guild Bodkins Point area, which allows the ability to explore it and take on new quests, whilst also being able to engage with NPCs, merchants and more.  Additionally, you will benefit from an unlimited water source in Creative Mode and side-by-side chest management improvements, which will enable the quick movement of inventory items for mass item transfers and stacking.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will now also have access to the previously released Adventurer’s and Creator’s Updates too. Therefore they will be able to journey through giant quest towns, unleash their creativity in Creative Mode and triy their hand at building the town of their dreams using a host of new decorations including a drawbridge, equipment mannequins, mine carts and much more.

It’s safe to say that it’s a huge influx of free content for console gamers, whilst PC players have all of the Villainous Update to get their hands on. Have you got involved in Portal Knights yet? If not, be sure to give our review a read to find out more about it!

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