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Genetic Disaster has now hit Xbox One and PS4, and in it you’ll want to cooperate – just not too much!

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One and PS4, Genetic Disaster from Drageus Games delivers a super colourful hand painted art style that brings together a number of procedurally generated stages of madness. And from there, it doesn’t get any less mad.

Priced up at £12.49, Genetic Disaster sees you (and some friends should you so wish) moving through multiple stages in the hope that you can fight your way out of the mad mutant mansion you find yourself in. With hordes of foes to take down, more than 75 crazy weapons to enjoy, and a smattering of different characters, all with their own unique skills, abilities and mutations, you can be sure that the takeaways from Genetic Disaster will mostly be centred around fun and laughter.

And whilst working in a cooperative manner will see mist success be found, if you’d prefer to show your mates who is the top walking disaster then a fully fledged special PvP arena is in place for settling of beef.

Features include:

  • Solo or Multiplayer PvP or Coop (up to 4 players)
  • Procedurally generated levels for unique playthroughs
  • Vibrant and original hand painted art style
  • Over 75 powerful and crazy weapons
  • Lots of enemies to destroy and dangers/traps to avoid
  • 4 unique characters with special abilities
  • Over 50 mutations to upgrade your hero
  • An extra Player vs Player mode (2 to 4 players)

Our full review of Genetic Disaster will be coming your way real soon. Keep an eye out for it. If you can’t wait then both the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store will be able to sort you out with a download. Does the £12.49 price tag tempt you in?

Game Description:

1/ Play alone or grab some friends 2/ Pick a character and his mutations 3/ Fight your way out of the mad mansion! Each of the 12 levels are procedurally generated for more variety and replay value. Hordes of enemies are waiting for you but keep an eye on your environment, it’s dangerous and will adapt to your progress. Upgrade your hero to build your own gameplay style and combine different ones to create the perfect team if you play with friends. Do you need a tank or a berserker? Make it happen! Don’t feel like cooperating? A special PvP arena is also available: “Stool Wars” let 2 to 4 players fight against each other. No guns, only stools, explosive barrels and boost. Perfect to have a blast and settle scores. The game’s motto: “Cooperate, but not too much!”

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