dungeons 3 a multitude of maps

Since 2017, gamers looking to unleash their dark side have been able to do so thanks to the arrival of Dungeons 3 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Today though it’s all about uniting your forces for one last showdown as the final DLC pieces for Dungeons 3 brings in A Multitude of Maps.

Available to purchase and add into your Dungeons 3 game right now, A Multitude of Maps sees us taking charge of the Absolute Evil for one final time, fighting the forces of Good across three new maps.

Working their way into the game as unique skirmish maps and all-new missions, the content found in the A Multitude of Maps DLC will see you able to give the game’s sardonic narrator a right proper send off. Given the opportunity to fight alongside Thalya, you’ll discover the ‘The Summoning Stones’, ‘Corpses for the Mortuary Mountain’ and ‘Re-burying the Golem’ all now in place.

Priced at £4.19 – with the need for the £33.49 base game obviously an essential one, the Dungeons 3 A Multitude of Maps DLC ends the smattering of DLC that has been added to the game, with you allowed one more chance to smash skulls and show your opponents who is boss once more.

If you fancy giving it a shot then head over to your favoured digital store right now. And if you need tempting in a little more, the latest trailer for the DLC is found below.

DLC Description:

It’s time to put on the oversized boots of the Absolute Evil one last time to fight the particularly dull forces of Good on three unique skirmish maps. Show your opponents you know how to smash skulls with a warhammer and demonstrate your skills in harmonious strife to your worst friends and favourite enemies alike. In this Map Pack, you fight alongside Thalya for the Summoning Stones, offer sacrificial victims on the slopes of Mortuary Mountain and help a Grave Golem in his search for a new resting place. – Includes three completely new Skirmish Maps with new challenges for the Sublime Evil: The Summoning Stones, Corpses for the Mortuary Mountain and Re-burying the Golem – All three maps are available in single player or together with friends in co-op mode


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