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A New God DLC Available now for Immortals Fenyx Rising


Take on the challenges in the new Immortals Fenyx Rising to reach the inner circle of the Pantheon: A New God DLC is available to download right now on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.

Available right from the main menu, A New God tasks you as Fenyx to overcome the legendary trials of the gods of Olympos to take your rightful place alongside those you helped rescue. After everything you went through in the main story, I thought that would have been enough but apparently not, there is one further challenge for you to undertake first.

Don’t worry though if you have yet to complete the main story, as you can access this DLC at any time. Progress doesn’t carry over; you start this new DLC with a maxed-out character. And you will need every upgrade as well. These Olympos Vaults will test you; after all this is an ascension test to a higher level.

These new trials will test your current abilities to the max, and even a host of new ones. Expect to find new powers along with new gear, and a host of more secrets to uncover.

A New God is available to download right now on Xbox consoles, and you have a couple of options. It is available as part of the Season Pass priced at £32.99 that will give you access to a further two DLCs when they launch later in the year. Or you can buy it standalone priced at £11.99. For that price, it isn’t just a series of trials, there is a whole new map to explore and uncover. We will have a review coming soon though for those sitting on the fence!

But let us know in the comments what you think of Immortals Fenyx Rising. We’re big fans of it here and any extra content is much appreciated. Hell, it’s so good that Fenyx has even been incorporated into UNO with a new £3.99 UNO Fenyx’s Quest DLC.

Game description

Expand your Immortals Fenyx Rising adventure with this first DLC for more epic adventures and puzzles! In “A New God”, play as Fenyx to overcome the trials of the gods of Olympos. In these trials, Fenyx hones her godly powers and finds ways to become even stronger as they attempt to earn a place among the inner circle of the Pantheon.

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