It’s been seven days since our last round up of the best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news, reviews and opinions. Probably best we check out the offerings from the last week then eh?

If you’ve been living in a cave for the last week, these are the articles which you should be checking out pretty damn swiftly!

Homefront: The Revolution gets release date, beta details and new trailer

Homefront: The Revolution looks like it could be a bit of a stunner and so the confirmed release date, latest trailer and indeed details regarding the Xbox One exclusive beta should be digested asap.

Deep Silver will release their blockbusting Resistance fighter come May 2016 and it’ll br dropping with a full on single player campaign and a co-operative mode in place. Whether you want to go it alone, or create a Resistance Cell for friends and family, The Revolution should be the place to be.

You really shouldn’t be missing the latest trailer or not getting involved in the Xbox One beta!

homefront pic 2

Deus Ex: Human Revolution now free to download on Xbox One and Xbox 360

The middle of the month is always a big time in the lives of Xbox gamers. With the Xbox Games With Gold scheme switching focus to another title, the chance to jump in with a free game or two is pretty high. Whilst Xbox One owners have now got access to Zheros, the big news is that the awesome Human Revolution is now ready for free download on Xbox 360…and subsequently available on Xbox One thanks to the Backwards Compatible feature.

If you’ve never played it before, or just fancy battling through with Adam Jensen once more, go get involved right now!

deus ex human rev

Electronic Super Joy Review – A Lesson In Patience

Need something to channel your inner anger? Electronic Super Joy could well be that thing.

Due for release on Xbox One shortly, Electronic Super Joy is nothing short of absolutely ridiculous. A fresh design and fantastic visuals should ensure that the game is a must purchase, but the stunningly hard difficulty level and all round madness that Super Joy brings, may just put off one or two potential purchasers.

But it really shouldn’t, and as our review points out, it is something you really must splash your cash on when it arrives. Just be ready for a ridiculously difficult, ridiculously funny and ridiculously addictive ride!

electronic super joy review pic 4

The Force Awakens as the latest Pinball FX table brings in more Star Wars

We haven’t been able to move for the last month or so without fear of hearing a Star Wars spoiler or two. With the introduction of Zen Studios’ latest table pack for Pinball FX 2, that fear has just increased ten-fold.

Arriving with twin tables, you’ll get the chance to follow the events of the most recent movie, getting the chance to team up with the Resistance as you take the fight to the First Order. Rey, Finn and Poe Dameron are all waiting for action and the Zen Pinball table pack for Star Wars The Force Awakens promises to let you check out some of the most thrilling moments!

star wars pinball pic 1

Hitman confirmed to arrive as an episodic AAA title

We end our round up for this week with a bit of a strange one. The revamped, rebooted Hitman will be arriving as an episodic thriller!

Jumping on a fast plane and arriving in Paris come the middle of March, Agent 47 will then need to sit back and relax for a bit before he soldiers on to Italy and then Morocco. Fingers crossed that he’ll arrive in Japan, in one piece, before the year is out.

Whilst we are partial to a bit of an episodic adventure, only time will tell whether the start/stop nature will affect sales of the new, improved Hitman.

That’s it for this week. Let us know what were your favourite articles in the comments below. Catch ya in seven days!

hitman pic 2


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