If you’ve been hiding away for the last week or so then you would have missed a hell of a lot of Xbox news and reviews. There have been new games, new release dates, new trailers and new reviews…let us tell you about the best of them!

The optimum place to start would be in the form of some free games. Xbox 360 owners can now grab F1 2013 for nothing thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme, whilst Xbox One owners can download AirMech Arena as well.

If you’d prefer to pay for your games, then opinion-splitter Toro the bull fighting sim, NERO or story-teller Lifeless Planet should all be on your radar in regards to a download. Team 17’s latest puzzler, Schrodinger’s Cat and the Raiders of the Lost Quark can also be downloaded, however if you’re unsure of its promise, then check out our Let’s Play of Schrodinger’s Cat; it’s really rather good and should be enough to tempt you in to a purchase prior to our review going live.

Speaking of reviews, we’ve had a fair few thoughts go live in the last seven days.

You can read our ramblings by hitting the following links regarding Project Root – a table-top old style shooter that promises much, Shovel Knight – which takes you even further into retro-land with its 8-bit visuals and stunning soundtrack, Fruit Ninja wannabee, Slice Zombies for Kinect or the nostalgic pick up and player, Ultratron!

Each of the games mentioned above will appeal to the right kind of person, so check out the reviews and let us know if you pick any of them up (little hint – Make sure you grab Shovel Knight :))


If you’d rather hold of for something a bit more along the AAA lines, then release dates of a number of new titles dropped their way onto the airwaves this past week. The best of which are as follows:

Of course, the news that Ubisoft are soon to be back with another installment of the Assassin’s Creed saga should delight many. Unity may have been a great game that started out as a broken mess, but the Big U are surely never going to make that mistake again? Time will tell but the setting of London during the Industrial Revolution makes Assassin’s Creed Syndicate rather damn promising!

As does The Witcher 3…of which the latest stunning cinematic shows. Catch you next week.


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