It’s been another busy seven days in the land of Xbox with some massive reveals, release dates and videos of the most hotly anticipated games dropping on a near daily basis. Let us take a look at the best Xbox news and reviews from the last week.

And there is no better place to begin than with the huge announcement of Star Wars Battlefront. A game that will surely appeal to young, old and middle-aged gamers as we take in some of the most iconic Star Wars locations, characters and transport. Battlefront brings Star Wars to the new generation of gaming and we can only expect to see some huge things from EA, DICE and LucasFilms.


But that wasn’t the only confirmed release date from the last week. Codemasters are soon to be back with their latest F1 title and with F1 2015 being exclusive to the world’s most powerful consoles, Xbox One owners should see the pace picked up over the last old gen release. With a whole new engine, tyre physics and the latest F1 teams and drivers all in place, June looks to be a good time for Formula One fans. Prior to that however, racing fans will hopefully have been able to get their hands on what could possibly be the greatest racer ever released. Project Cars has had more delays than we thought possible, but a final confirmed release date for mid May has us hoping Slightly Mad Studios deliver something quite spectacular. With the game now going gold, surely there is nothing to hold it back!?

Additionally, a new and much improved Guitar Hero is making a much welcome comeback in the form of Guitar Hero Live. Harnessing the power of new gen and coming complete with Guitar Hero TV, we’re looking forward to seeing how things have progressed from the old (and if we’re honest, tired) game series from a few years back. We’ve been promised a true breakthrough in innovation and thankfully we have no reason to doubt Activision!


If you can’t wait until May, June or indeed the Autumn, then you could do worse then check out a couple of the latest games to have hit the Xbox One and Xbox 360 libraries. Goat Simulator has built up a bit of a cult following over on PC (who am I trying to kid, it was bloody massive on PC!), and now it has appeared on Xbox, odds are it’ll go on to bigger and better things. Available right now to download, the fairly decent price tag definitely makes it a tempting purchase! It’s also been great to see WE ARE DOOMED appear on the Xbox One Games Store; if you are desperate for some old school arcade action, WE ARE DOOMED should be pretty high up on your wish list. It is also currently discounted for Xbox Live Gold members, so make sure you show you Gold card when you check it out.

Xbox 360 owners haven’t been left out either and whilst you might not see the huge number of games arriving on the 360 games store, the news that Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel are both currently free to download via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme, should perk 360 owners up.

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Finally for this week, we had a couple of reviews go live.

Ori and the Blind Forest has been on our radar for some time now, and there was much promise that Moon Studios’ storytelling would ensure that Ori was a day one purchase for Xbox One owners. Whilst we can’t fault the visuals or indeed the way the tale has been told, a couple of slight niggling issues mean Ori falls just short of that perfect title. Check out our review though as we’ll tell you why it should definitely be worth a consideration.

Fruit Ninja 2 is also available right now on Xbox One. After becoming addicted to the fruit slicing phenomenon a few years back, surely the move to Xbox One should see Fruit Ninja hit the comeback trail and our addictive nature take charge once again? Our review tells all!

See you next week!

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