After a quiet week last time round the Xbox news, reviews and opinions have been flowing once again, so let us take you through all the best bits of the last seven days.

We’ll start with a couple of massive news stories that have come straight from Xbox HQ over the last week. It didn’t start particularly well as Microsoft announced that 18000 employees would be looking for new work with the Xbox Entertainment Studios being hit massively. The studios were responsible for original Xbox programming and the news that the studio will be shut down within the next month points to all those superb Xbox Originals ideas becoming under threat. Whilst Every Street United is still rolling on and the two Halo products; Nightfall and Spielberg’s TV series should both see the light of day, anything else on the Xbox Originals list may just disappear without trace.

special edition controller

Better news from the Xbox camp though came in the form of two more stories. Firstly, a new Special Edition Camo themes Xbox One controller and Stereo Headset were announced and shortly after that we heard details in regards to the next Xbox One System Update…that for August. And it looks to be a pretty hot update as well as not only will we be seeing a revamped activity feed complete with sharing, liking and commenting but it’ll also include a low battery notification (YEH!), 3D Bluray support and a friends section added to the ‘Home’ tab.

New games wise we saw BattleBlock Theatre go free to all Xbox 360 owners as part of the Xbox Games With Gold promotional scheme for July, a release of Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers on 360 (Xbox One release still TBC) and details regarding Pinball FX2 coming to Xbox One for free by the end of the month.

We also brought you two reviews over the last seven days. ‘The Art of Watch Dogs’ is a glossy hardbook book that brings all the art style of Watch Dogs to the fore, showing concept art, personal backgrounds and more from Ubisofts blockbuster hack-a-thon, whilst we also took a deep look at the finale of The Wolf Among Us. Hit the links to see what we thought of both the book and Telltale Games telling of the Fable comics.


Finally, I’d like to leave you with a couple of WWE 2K15 articles which have, in no uncertain terms, been keeping us in plenty of beer money for the week. WWE is a beast and whilst we slowly build up to the release of WWE 2K15 on Xbox in a couple of months, our full roster reveal list will just keep on growing by the week! The latest addtion to the list is that of a pre-order great, Sting. James had a think about what Sting would be bringing to the latest WWE title and you can pick up his thoughts just here. Who will be next to hit the list? Stayed tuned and we’ll let you know as soon as any announcement is made.

Catch ya next week but in the meantime, add us to your Xbox Live friends list (details just here) and we’ll get a game or two going.



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