It’s been a massive week in the world of videogames with Xbox in particular delivering the E3 goods in abundance. But which were the biggest Xbox One and Xbox 360 news and review stories from the last week? We give our thoughts.

1) Xbox E3 2015 – The show round up

There is really only one place we can start and that’s with the [email protected] show. Phil Spencer and friends all took to the stage to give us more info about how brand Xbox will be moving forward over the next year or so. There were games aplenty, more features then what we know to do with, and a vibe that ensures Xbox is still the place to go for all your videogame needs. Others may try to match the power of Xbox, but after the E3 2015 showing, there really is only one camp you should be planting yourself in for the next few years…Team Xbox!

xbox e3 2015 header

2) EA announce new details regarding Mirror’s Edge, FIFA 16, Garden Warfare 2 and more!

EA were on top form at E3. Whilst it was fairly obvious that FIFA 16 and Need For Speed would be highlighted, it was great to see new details for Mirrors Edge Catalyst and a first announcement for the delightful looking Unraveled. But it was Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 that really gets us excited, with the chance to bring our characters over from the original Garden Warfare a masterstroke. Only time will tell what new maps and game modes the Plants and Zombies will be able to navigate, but we’re guessing EA are going to be bringing something pretty special to Xbox One.


3) Do we need the Xbox One Game Preview Program?

For all the above, it was a bit of a disappointment to see the Xbox Game Preview program be announced. Now, we’re all for new features and new games on Xbox One, but primarily we want those games to be finished products. The Xbox Game Preview program threatens to undo everything good with the Xbox One games library, giving developers a stand to milk the gamer for cash even when the game in question may not be anywhere near finished…or indeed ever come to fruition.

It’s a bit of a dodgy one in our eyes and being completely honest, is a feature that isn’t really needed.

xbox game preview

4) Just Cause 3 release date and latest trailer revealed!

If there is one game that we are looking forward to this year, it’s the return of Rico in Just Cause 3. Hitting the new generation of consoles for the very first time, if the open world madness that Rico brings is even half that we experienced back in Just Cause 2, then the third title will be a massive hit.

A release date is what we have been craving, and a release date is what we got at E3. The inclusion of another stunning trailer is just the icing on what is a very nice looking cake!


5) 2K reveal first six roster members for WWE 2K16

The roster reveal has begun. Let the world rejoice!

2k have finally started to reveal the first few characters who will be present in WWE 2K16 and first signs are the roster is going to rock once more. As big fans of WWE, we can only hope and pray that this years version delivers on all fronts. With the UK’s Paige and Bad News Barrett amongst those kicking off the reveal, signs sure are good!

WWE 2k16 Roster Pic 2

Do you agree with the above? Did we miss anything massive from the last week? Let us know in the comments below.



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