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A Week In The Hub: 14th-20th Sept 2014



EGX London is on its way with the publishers and developers pushing all manner of news out this last week. Let us take you on a little trip back to look at the very best Xbox One and Xbox 360 news and reviews from the last seven days.

One of the biggest releases in the next couple of weeks is that of Forza Horizon 2. The Xbox exclusive racer is Microsofts current baby and it’s no surprise to see them pushing it from every angle. Not only have we had the rather decent demo release on Xbox One, but we also heard details regarding Day One downloadable content, the VIP Membership and the Forza equivilent of the Season Pass; the Car Pass!

But that isn’t all and the real biggy you shouldn’t have missed is the full length, live action Forza Horizon 2 TV commercial that is doing the rounds. It’s frankly brilliant and shouldn’t be missed….where will you leave your limits?


Away from racing and we told you about a slight delay to the last gen versions of WWE 2K15, the great news that FIFA 15 is already available to play on Xbox One as part of the EA Access scheme and that Halo Reach was now available for free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers as part of the September Games With Gold programme.

There are also a couple of new Xbox One games on the horizon from Zen Studios. The guys resonsible for bringing Pinball FX2 to Xbox One are also dropping a Special Edition of Kung-Fu rhythm/fighting game Kickbeat and a Definitive Edition of that smash hit, CastleStorm in the next week. It’s a busy time for the Zen team and that means we’re also extra busy as we’ll be bringing you reviews of both games real soon….first signs are they are both pretty damn decent!

Another game that we’re very much looking forward to seeing in action is Never Alone and so we were more than happy to hear that it would be playable on the show floor at EGX 2014 between the 25th-28th Sept. We were so happy to hear this news that we got in contact with the guys behind the game and got a Q&A session going. You can read more about Never Alone straight from the horses mouth (in this case from Grant (Lead Designer) and Amy (Lead Cultural Ambassador)) with our exclusive Q&A. It’s really rather good and many thanks go out to both Grant and Amy for spending a little time answering our questions.

never alone pic 4

And then that leaves us with our reviews from the last week.

Every man and his dog has purchased a copy of Destiny on one format or another, with many jumping in with the free upgrade offer and taking the fight to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One simultaneously, but we sat down and focused on the next generation antics with our Destiny review. So hit the link and let us tell you what we really think of the game….whilst it may not be the killer title everyone has been raving about, it certainly isn’t as bad as many have been making it out to be.

We also took a look at two other games this week. Firstly, we finally managed to man up and take a look at the downloadable survival horror Outlast on Xbox One. It’s something we’d been putting off (basically because we were scared of it!) and whilst numerous jumps and screams were present throughout the campaign, it turns out to be a jolly decent title….just make sure your heart is sound before you sit in the dark and play it.

And then we have also now gone live with our review of the latest Naruto title. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is vying for longest game title of 2014 but fans of the series will be more than happy to hear that the Ninja Storm Revolution is alive and well on Xbox 360.


Finally this week we managed to add another article to our list of reviewed accessories.

Trigger Treadz for Xbox One are nifty little additions to your Xbox One controller and ensure your fingers don’t slip off those trigger at that all important moment. You can read our review of Trigger Treadz just here but even more exciting is the news we have ten sets to giveaway. Check out and enter our Trigger Treadz compeition and you can be winning a set.

That’s it for the weeks roundup…..catch you on the usual social media channels, on Xbox Live or indeed at EGX London soon!




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