What a week! The Xbox news, reviews, videos and games have appeared in great numbers this last week. Let us take you back through the very best ones from the last seven days. You won’t want to miss this little lot!

However, we’ll start with something that we don’t usually cover on ‘A Week In The Hub’…SALES.

This last week has seen not only the usual Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale in place, but to compliment it, the Xbox Live Ultimate Games Sale has seen an absolute ton of titles reduced on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. We’ll all have our favourites, but seeing as there are so many currently reduced, we thought it best to throw a couple of articles out there to help you on your way. If you’re a bit tight on cash but still want to get involved, check out our opinions on which titles you should grab from the Ultimate sale, and indeed which of the Xbox Live Deals with Gold you should be downloading right now.

Throw in a racing bundle of Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 for a heavily reduced price from the Xbox Games Store and there should be something for near enough everyone!

forza horizon 2 pic 1

If you’re one of those who have money on tap and don’t need to worry about the bargains that are offer each week, then you’ll no doubt want to pick up a couple of the new titles on offer this week. Xbox One owners now have access to the following great games and DLC:

We’ve already covered Blue Estate with a review and whilst it isn’t the greatest title in the world, if you’ve got a few hours spare and fancy a decent laugh and blast via either Kinect or using the standard controller, it may be worth checking out.

Our thoughts on both Roundabout and Trivial Pursuit Live! will be dropping very soon, as will our review of the WWE Hall of Pain DLC. Whilst wrestling fans wait for that, they can at least take in our views on some previous downloadable content for WWE 2K15…do you have time for ‘One More Match’? We think you should!


In the meantime though, you could always check out our review of Evolve on Xbox One. The asymmetrical online multiplayer shooter is without doubt the biggest release in February and Turtle Rock Studios haven’t disappointed with what they’ve given us. Whilst loners and fans of solo campaigns may struggle a little, if you can manage to grab a group of friends then you really won’t find very much better on Xbox Live. Whether you take on the role of the Monster, or team up and go out hunting with three others, you’ll no doubt very much enjoy what you take in!

Finally for this week, I’d like to leave you pointing in the direction of the really big news of the week. Firstly, Microsoft and the big dogs at Xbox HQ have thrown both an updated, much improved Upload Studios out to the masses and indeed the latest Xbox One system update out to preview members; and with it comes the much requested ‘screenshots’ feature! If you aren’t in the preview scheme, then you’ll need to wait until March for the chance to check it out but believe us, it’s more than worth it!

And secondly, that hugely anticipated next gen racer, Project Cars has been delayed…AGAIN. Although the latest vid from the Slightly Mad Studios team kinda makes up for that!

Catch you next week.



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