Another week down and another week closer to Christmas, but which were the biggest Xbox news, reviews, opinions and videos of the last seven days? We take a look in ‘A Week In The Hub: 15th-21st Nov 2015’.

Is the New Xbox One Experience the one we’ve been looking for?

The New Xbox One Experience has been with us for a decent amount of time and we are now able to give a decent opinion on how it is all working. With a brand new UI and some lovely little features ensuring that everything social is right at our finger tips, it’s a huge improvement over the old slightly tired dash.

But is it all it’s cut out to be? Have a look at our thoughts.


Rise of the Tomb Raider Review

We may just have reviewed the best game of 2015 this last week.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is an absolute stunner, ensuring that Ms. Lara Croft is still right at the cutting edge of tomb raiding even after a couple of decades after climbing, investigating and falling. Lots of falling.

Whilst there is no real multiplayer available, the single player campaign is full of the best puzzles, best exploration opportunities and very nearly the best combat scenes that you can find on Xbox One. If you haven’t yet got involved, check out our review and get purchasing!

rottr review pic 2

WWE 2K16 Review

The wrestling world begged for a great WWE title and the wrestling world has very nearly got exactly that. 2K are back with the latest installment of their WWE series and after a bit of a dodgy outing this time last year, they’ve attempted to fix all the issues whilst also ensuring that there has been enough new additions to keep each and every wrestling fan happy.

Have they done it? Very nearly and although WWE 2K16 isn’t perfect, it’s the best option you have right now. Make sure you check out our review.

WWE 2K16 Paige

Deus Ex Mankind Divided delayed by six months!

Finally for this week we bought you some bad news.

From what we’ve seen, Deus Ex Mankind Divided is going to be one of the games of 2016 and we were more than looking forward to seeing it release on Xbox One in Feb 2016. The news then that the game has been delayed is a big one – with the delay being confirmed at a whole six months near on wrecking our week.

Adam Jensen will be back (one day), but with the release date being pushed back to much further in 2016, we guess it’s probably best that we pin our earlier hopes on something else. We understand that a game needs to be the best it can be and would be horrified to see Deus Ex drop with issues, but the length of the delay is a bit of a killer!

So that’s it for this week, anything we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

deus ex mankind divided pic 1


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