The summer slump has seemingly continued for another week with Xbox news being in scarce supply. That does however give us time to concentrate a little more on the reviews with the vast majority of this week’s round up focusing on some of the latest Xbox One titles.

1) Raise some hell with the official WWE 2K16 soundtrack

That said, the week kicked off in massive style with not only the weekly additions to the WWE 2K16 roster, but also news regarding the soundtrack for 2K’s upcoming wrestler.

Covering alternative, hip-hop, metal and more, the official soundtrack for WWE 2K16 will consist of a number of tracks from not just worldwide superstars, but also some of the best up and coming artists.

It’ll be sure to bring something massive to wrestling fans.

wwe 2k16 nikki bella

2) Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians Review

When you initially hear of a game that is so focused on the background beat and music that takes hold of a game, then you will no doubt expect it to be something along the lines of the usual dance/rhythm titles that rely solely on Kinect.

But Beatbuddy, Tale of the Guardians is different, using the music that accompanies the glorious visuals in a way that we very rarely see.

You may only get five hours of gameplay, and there may be a few bugs in place that slightly spoil the experience, but the inventive gameplay just begs you to get involved.

beatbuddy review pic 1

3) Beyond Eyes Review

Beyond Eyes has recently dropped onto the Xbox One Games Store and it promises to bring something different to your gaming sessions. Something very different!

With visual beauty and sounds to die for, Beyond Eyes takes you on a slow paced journey through the eyes of a young traumatised blind girl. In a world where nothing is as it seems, can you help Rae find her long lost companion?

If you’re looking for something a little different to the norm, it may be worth checking out.

beyond eyes review pic 3

4) Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings Review

For most of the world, baseball plays second fiddle to the vast majority of sports. Over in the US however it enjoys a huge following, bringing excitement to many. Metalhead Software are trying to tap into this market with a humorous take on proceedings; one which will no doubt be able to spread its wings across the globe.

Because no matter whether you have an interest in baseball or not, Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings brings fun and enjoyment in huge droves, with an Ego system that will allow for both the most hardened fans and the complete and utter newbie to enjoy the thrill of baseball.


5) Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey Review

Combining the power of Kinect and the comfort of a standard controller, Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey gives you the chance to use your body to help the Commander explore his wonderful world.

You’ll not only need a supple body, but also a fair amount of controller guile as you pull off numerous yoga moves prior to hopping and jumping your way to victory.

It may sound a strange concept, and you may initially struggle to get interested, but if you do get involved, then you may well be surprised at the joy it brings.

Make sure you join us again next week as we cover the biggest Xbox news and reviews from the next seven days!

commander cherry review pic 1



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