It’s that time again where we look back over the last seven days in order to pick out the best news, opinions and reviews in the world of Xbox One and Xbox 360. These are the pieces that stood out for us…


January 2016 Xbox One Preview features announced

We’re always pleased to see new features which are set to be implemented into the Xbox One experience and so, it was good to see the newest batch being outlined for the Preview program. Although many gamers will have used some of the features before, it’ll be useful to have the ability to see who’s in parties and to have the Gamerscore Leaderboard back to ignite a bit of friendly rivalry. There also seems to be a resurgence for Avatars on the way with a newly-integrated store for the Xbox Avatars app to access an entire catalog of items to purchase.

xbox one jan preview

Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens Pack – Pinball FX2 Review

If there’s ever an opportunity to provide pinball fans with a table based on the hottest franchise at any one moment, you can be pretty sure that Zen Studios are going to try their best to acquire the rights to do it. Step forward the most popular film of recent times, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and subsequently the Pinball FX2 pack that followed.

Featuring two polar opposite tables, we we’re suitably entertained and enjoyed the realistic possibility of experiencing pretty much all the modes on offer. With all the best characters from the film being front and centre such as Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren, it turned out to be good value for money.

SWP TFA2 Screenshot 1

Go behind the scenes with Far Cry Primal and get a look at the Kings of The Stone Age

Ubisoft treated us to not only one, but two videos to help hype up the upcoming release of Far Cry Primal. Catch a look at the brutality of humanity and the contrasting beautiful landscapes in the Kings of the Stone Age trailer. Then we got to peek behind the curtain in a Behind the Scenes style video, where the Game Director, amongst others, explained the concept and went over the creation of the language in Primal.

If these don’t get you excited or intrigued then we aren’t sure what will!



Ironcast prepares for battle on Xbox One and PS4 in March

For all those match three addicts out there, get ready for a Victorian twist on the usual offerings, in which you’ll take control of a massive seven metre tall Ironcast. Defend England from invading forces by making matches to earn power for the Ironcast’s weaponry and defensive system. This was a favourite of ours at EGX 2015 and the wait is nearly over until our next hands-on as it’s hitting the Xbox One in March of this year.


My Great Capture Screenshot 2015-11-09 11-36-58--

Latest titles for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility confirmed

Love it or hate it, the option of Backwards Compatibility is something we can all agree does no harm, even if we’ll not play any of the games featured. This latest batch may not include many AAA titles that were popular on the 360 but what we have gotten is a rather varied bunch. Whether you’d like to revisit the crazy and hilarious episodic magic of Sam and Max: Save the World or hunting monsters and making potions in The Witcher 2, it’s now possible.

There are sure to be plenty more on the way too so, be keeping your eye out for the next batch!

That’s all for this week and we hope you’ll join us again in another seven days for our next edition of A Week in the Hub…

xbox one bc jan 2016

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