It was a strangely quiet seven days on TheXboxHub last week , with the reviews and opinions quite easily outweighing the news side of things. There is however still a ton of stuff that you should be keeping at the forefront of your mind…didn’t miss this little lot did you?

Up Next – A look at the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games out in November 2015

November signals the end of the busiest games release period of the year, so if you haven’t spent all that cash of yours on a new game, then checking out the latest Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles that will be dropping on to store shelves is pretty much a must.

There are in fact a ton of new games coming out, mostly on Xbox One, but with a fair few dropping on to the 360 as well…with big games, small games and some that we can only put in to the ‘unique’ category.

Anything you fancy? Let us know!


Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil Review

If you’ve been gaming for a few years, then you’ll quite possibly have spent a fair bit of time with the previous Overlord games, no doubt enjoying much of what was sent your way. Given the chance to control the Brown, Red, Green and Blue minions once again is something we were hugely looking forward to. With the power of Xbox One and the skills of Codemasters right behind Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, the latest title to be hit with the Overlord brush should therefore be brilliant.

Bad news I’m afraid…it’s not. Have a read of our review and you can find out why!

overlord fellowship header

Official Call of Duty Black Ops III KontrolFreek thumbsticks for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 Review

If you’re one of those gamers who have to have the latest accessories for the biggest games, then you could do worse than check out some of the latest thumbsticks from the team at KontrolFreek.

The official Call of Duty Black Ops III thumbsticks have been laser etched with the iconic Call of Duty S.O.G. skull, ensuring that there is little chance of your thumbs slipping when in the heat of the battle. They are pretty damn decent to use for all games in fact!

Black_Ops_XBoxOne_Full_View-2000x2000 4.58.46 PM


Call of Duty Black Ops III live action trailer released!

The big game of last week was quite easily the latest Call of Duty Black Ops III. As is much the way with the big AAA releases of recent years, Activision and Treyarch have kept the hype rolling nicely, with the live action trailer bringing humour to an otherwise completely serious situation.

You’ve quite possibly seen it with fleeting appearances on TV, but feel free to watch the whole Call of Duty Black Ops III live action trailer below. We think it’s kinda cool!

That’s it for this week. Keep an eye out for our thoughts on the coming week’s Xbox news, reviews and videos same time next week.

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