The past few weeks have been absolutely manic with E3 preparations and announcements. Now the show is over though, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 news, reviews and videos have slowed down a little. But there were still some big stories that needed covering…but which were the biggest?

Tour De France 2015 Review

One of the biggest sporting events the world will see pedals off in a few days time. Le Tour de France 2015 brings together some of the world’s greatest riders and whether you’re gunning for the sprint kings or mountain champions, it’s sure to bring excitement in huge droves.

But the Tour de France videogame has never really lived up to its real world equivalent, struggling to portray the delightful world of cycling in any way. Does the 2015 version finally make headway in its attempt to faithfully recreate the two wheeled madness? Well, it’s better than its predecessors, but still some way off perfection. Our review of the Tour De France 2015 videogame tells you why!

tdf review ventoux

Celebrate Forza 6 with the Xbox One Forza Motorsport 6 Limited Edition Console!

We’re big fans of Limited Edition consoles and the Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One console doesn’t disappoint.

Coming to stores later this year alongside Forza 6, the Limited Edition console brings the most subtle of designs to the Xbox One table. Whilst the gimmicky start and stop sounds aren’t exactly to our liking, the colour scheme cannot be faulted, replicating the Forza 6 cover star, the all new Ford GT beautifully. A custom controller sits nicely alongside it and we hope Microsoft decide to bring more controllers with one colour buttons to the market real soon.

The 1TB of storage ain’t too shoddy either!


The Jackbox Party Pack Review

It must be said, the Xbox One is slightly bereft of decent party games. Whilst we can’t move for our racers, shooters and retro hits, the party genre has seemingly been confined to the dance floor, making the most of our good friend Kinect.

But the arrival of the Jackbox Party Pack changes all that. Bringing five unique and pretty entertaining games to our lives, the Party Pack caters for anything to 100 players at a time. Obviously you won’t need to be shelling out the cash for 100 controllers, but as long as each player has a smartphone, tablet or PC, then they can get involved.

Our review tells you more, but we’ve been pretty impressed with it all.


LEGO Jurassic World Review

The world has seemingly gone dinosaur crazy with the big screen and videogame releases of Jurassic World and it’s LEGO filled cousin. Taking in all four Jurassic films, from the very first, right up to the blockbusting Jurassic World, LEGO Jurassic World brings all the usual LEGO humour into our lives once again.

But it must be said that the formula is growing slightly tired and whilst we were once more than happy to go block bashing, repetition is an ugly thing.

Have a look at our review though, even if it is just to save you a few quid!


Xbox Live Games With Gold for July 2015 announced!

The start of each month is a time we always look forward to. Not only is it a step closer to Christmas (not long now!), but we also get treated to a few free games on both Xbox One and Xbox 360. July sees the scheme enhanced for Xbox One owners with two new free games going alongside the two 360 offerings. With one of the biggest initial Xbox One titles being given away for free, it’s a great time to be an Xbox gamer!

Did we miss anything out? Let us know which were your favourite stories from the world of Xbox over the last week!

games with gold july 2015

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