The last seven days have seen numerous new releases and great stories come out for both Xbox One and Xbox 360…..but what were the stand out ones you really shouldn’t miss?

We start our weekly round up by going back to look at the whole host of new games that have been released on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, and that obviously means it’s been a week jam packed with reviews as well.

Whilst the Xbox 360 only received one new downloadable game last week (that of Putty Squad), the Xbox One has received no less than four digital downloads in the last seven days (and that’s not including any of the full retail games!), with Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition, Contrast, Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Another World 20th Anniversary Edition all cropping up on the Xbox One Store with very little notice. We’ve already reviewed two of those and you can find our thoughts on Another World and Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition by clicking those handy links. One will take you back on a nostaligic trip to the 1990’s whilst the other will see you going on a vehicular rampage round a zombie infested city.

zombie driver pic 3

We’ll also have full reviews of both Contrast and Valiant Hearts up in a few days (along with a couple of others), so keep checking back to hear exactly what we think of those.

But they weren’t the only reviews we saw this week. EA Sports UFC released on Xbox One a week or so back and we just had to check out the first UFC title to come out of the EA stable. James mentioned that whilst “it is technically sound”….the lack of things to do is a bit of a drawback. It did however manage to grab a 4/5 rating on the old TXH scoreboard and so whether you’re a UFC fan or not, it may be worth your while taking a look.

Additionally, we hit the track with a review of GRID: Autosport on Xbox 360 and were mighty impressed with what we saw. A 5/5 rating doesn’t mean it’s perfect, no game ever will be, but what Codemasters have given the Xbox 360 is something rather outstanding. It is Autosport. It is racing. It is undeniably the best 360 racer out there.

grid autosport pic 2

Getting away from the reviews and the biggest news stories of the week came about by those lovely guys at Sky throwing out a Sky Go price hike for everyone wishes to use their Xbox 360 as a multiroom box, an update on the next Titanfall game modes and going ons and details of the latest Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles for July, of which we’ll see a brand new game, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition and then Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, Gotham City Imposters and Battleblock Theatre going free to all Xbox Live Gold members.

And finally please let me point you in the direction of our latest opinion piece, ‘How Achievement snapping can save Gamerscore on Xbox One’ in which we have a think about how the latest Xbox One system update with achievement snapping can be the saviour of the hidden away Gamerscore.

xbox one achievement snap

Oh, and we’re also on the lookout for new writers to join the TXH team. Whether you want to stick the odd news or opinion piece up every now and then, or whether you wish to become a regular games reviewer (receiving regular game codes), then we want to have you on board and would love to see you showing off your skills. Just contact us via the usual methods and we’ll have a chat.

Have a good one.


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