Trailers, trailer, trailers. It’s been a week full of them but luckily we’ve also managed to drop a few bits and pieces covering some delightful news for fans of the racing and horror genres.

We start this weeks look back by pointing you in the direction of one of the Xbox’s most anticipated games of 2014. Over the years there have been numerous Alien titles released on all manner of gaming console but unfortunately whilst they have all promised much, they haven’t really delivered and the latest Alien game, Colonial Marines, was an absolute disaster. But everything that we’ve seen and heard about Alien Isolation makes us and many others believe that this will be THE game that Alien fans have been begging for. This week saw the release date of Alien Isolation announced and believe us when we say this could be the most important release date announcement this side of last years Xbox One console date. If they don’t manage to grab the suspense and drama of Alien this time round, then we’re not sure they ever will.

Alien Isolation

Other than Alien news, this weeks biggy in our eyes was that of Forza 5. You can find us doing donuts on the tracks of Forza pretty regularly and so the promise of some new cars is always a welcome one. The Top Gear Car Pack will be dropping onto our consoles on the 1st April (well, it will be for those who pay for it), and promises to bring some cars that have been rather innovative throughout the decades. Our personal fav will no doubt be the super quick, super light Renault 5 Turbo but if you fancy something a bit bigger and heavier why not check out the Ford Transit SuperSportVan. The trailer is below or you can follow this link for more details.

And thanks to our second piece of Forza news this week, you’ll find that if you purchase the DLC when it comes out, all the cars will be free to purchase in game….Yes, there is no longer the need to buy DLC vehicles again with in-game credits. What’s not to like?

We mentioned earlier that there were many trailers hitting the news wires this last week and that has most definitely been the case. The following trailers were all picked up by us and you can watch them, and read a few deets to go with them, by hitting the links….Make sure you don’t miss the superb Watch Dogs Welcome to Chicago trailer:

And finally you may have noticed we haven’t mentioned Titanfall yet, but we couldn’t let A Week In The Hub go ahead without a mention of Xbox One’s finest game getting some new fancy matchmaking systems and that future game modes will be free to all, not just those buying DLC. So we will, and we have. Just for good measure, let’s put a Titanfall image in as well!

titanfall 2

We’d like to also take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to visit our pages, the last week has been a superb one for us and whilst the figures all point in the right direction, it’s the interaction with fellow gamers on site, on Twitch, on our social media feeds and over Xbox Live which really give us the greatest pleasure. If you fancy befriending us on Live or elsewhere then check out our ‘About us’ page where the relevant details can be found.

We’ll look forward to catching up with you soon.


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