All the good news about upcoming games is starting to filter through before Gamescom kicks off next week, as well as previews of what will actually be there. So if you missed anything from the past week (26th July – 1st August), don’t worry because we’ve got all our favourite stuff right here in one place.

Free Xbox Games With Gold titles for August 2015 announced

Microsoft have announced the titles that Xbox Live Gold members can expect to pick up in the coming month and in all honesty they’ve delivered what looks to be a great selection across both consoles. The idea of giving both games from the Metro series on Xbox 360 is a clever one; if you end up enjoying Metro 2033 then you can jump straight into its sequel, Last Light, to continue the fun.

When it comes to the One, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes going free is a winner due to the fact that most people thought of it as a glorified demo. Well now people can get cosy with Snake before the Phantom Pain gets released in September. Chuck in How to Survive with all its DLC and August is a month to look forward to.

game with gold august 2015

Exclusive Q&A interview regarding Squid Hero for Kinect on Xbox One

We love it when developers give us the opportunity to probe their minds about the games they are set to release and quizzing Aki Kanerva about Squid Hero for Kinect was no different. What we learnt from it wasn’t just how Squid Hero came to fruition but also an insight into designing games for a peripheral that constantly gets stick from gamers. If the Kinect is ever going to win over the masses then it’s developers like these who put their entire focus into making such games that will help convince them to give Kinect a chance.

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Is Squid Hero for Kinect going to give the Kinect a boost in interest? You’ll have to check back next week for our review to find out for sure.

squid hero pic 1

2K to bring a host of blockbusters to Gamescom 2015

Gamescom 2015 is just around the corner and those expected to be in attendance will want to know what they can get their hands on. Well, 2K has revealed their line-up, where it’s going to be more a case of quality over quantity. The standout is being able to play Battleborn co-operatively with friends at the event, using any of the ten featured characters, ranging from butler robots to thick-skulled dwarfs.  Oh and if you’re a skilled Evolve player then the Beat a Pro tournament could earn you some cash too.

There’ll be glimpses of other 2K games too, with the addition of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan being there to help promote WWE 2K16. Will we get to see more members of the playable roster? We hope so.


Team 17 announce Worms WMD and Worms 4

Happy 20th Birthday to Worms! It’s hard to believe they’ve been present in the gaming world for so long, however it has really been twenty years. How should one celebrate such a milestone? By announcing that a new Worms game is in the pipeline, of course. Worms WMD will be coming to our Xbox One consoles and the ideas for it will certainly add a new level of freshness to proceedings. Get ready to use brand new vehicles and enter buildings as worms warfare gets shaken up in 2016.

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Worms WMD - Screenshot 6 - Gamescom 2015

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Review

Tiger Woods is no more, this is the Rory McIlroy era of golf games and as such everyone was hoping it would begin with a bang. After a two year development period and the fact it’d debut on the new generation of consoles, everything seemed to point towards it being a success. Oh how wrong that perception was, as you’ll gather from the review itself. EA Sports had a big chance to start fresh with the PGA Tour game, instead it’s like a budget version compared to the previous games in the series.

I’m surprised no one thought that releasing a game with half the usual content and without some well known courses, was a bad idea. This could deal a damaging blow to the future titles of this series unless EA go all out next time.


That’s everything we found to be of most interest this weeks, however there were plenty more news pieces and other reviews. If you’ve still got time to spare, go check them out.

See you again next week!



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